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Alumni & Volunteer Engagement

Develop program recommendation and initiatives to encourage and support involvement of alumni in the Fraternity. Assist staff with implementation of programs/initiatives approved by the Octagon.

Implement 2009 volunteer engagement proposal

Launch professional networks for alumni (e.g. SAM Bar, SAM CPA, etc)

Provide resources and support to alumni clubs/reunions/anniversaries




Develop program recommendation and initiatives to encourage and support involvement of alumni in the Fraternity. Assist staff with implementation of programs/initiatives approved by the Octagon. 

Engage professional firm to conduct the audit of the Fraternity, review and provide feedback to the auditors and the Octagon 

Conduct an internal audit methodology to be independent of the auditors

Develop scope of work annually and source RFP for auditors at least once every three years



Blue Book Task Force 

Identify and solicit opportunities to make changes to the Blue Book. Provide feedback to Octagon on the implications of recommended policy changes.

Solicit membership for changes to the Blue Book

Provide feedback on proposed policy changes to the Blue Book



Boy Scouts

Develop a mutually beneficial partnership with the Boy Scouts of America through the National Jewish Committee on Scouting to engage young men and their fathers in values-based programming.  

Provide outreach to Synagogues about chartering a Scouting Unit

Develop a communications plan for the Fraternity messaging to alumni

Identify current or past Scouts in Sigma Alpha Mu




Implement the educational strategic plan of Sigma Alpha Mu to help grow leadership capacity within Sigma Alpha Mu. 

Implement stated objectives of the Educational Strategic Plan (June 2015)

Develop assessment strategy for fraternity programs Enhance and Execute established programming: DLI, CLD, and LC

Create and Implement an online education plan

Determine desired learning outcomes for fraternity membership throughout the undergraduate experience




To ensure the financial health of the Fraternity through the development of the annual budget and review of financial reports. 


Develop the FY2018 Budget proposal for the Ocagon with input from all the Sigma alpha Mu related entities for approval by its Spring Meeting

Provide recommendations to staff regarding grant applications and reimbursement procedures 

Review financial reports



Fraternity Chaplain  

Identify opportunities to support outreach efforts. 

Provide counsel to members in crisis

Advise committees on outreach opportunities

Lead Memorial Service and Chaplain Committee at Convention




Identify opportunities to preserve and promote the archives of the Fraternity. 

Develop an archival plan

Assess objects and archives by the Fraternity

Create a proposal to make historical artifacts and publications available to our membership and stakeholders




Provide counsel on legal issues and protect the interests of the Fraternity.

Review claims and provide guidance related to legal strategies

Consider exposure related to governance, compliance and legal structure

Develop sample contracts and agreements

Advise staff on issues with potential legal implications



Marketing and Communication 

Guide the communications of the fraternity with its constituents. Audit existing communications strategies, channels and campaigns. Innovate the quarterly digital and print publication of the Octagonian. Set standards for Social Media use at the chapter and member level. Evaluate public relations policies and make recommendations for evolution of said policies. 

Audit existing communications and publications

Develop communication strategies and plan to advance our strategic plan and the fraternity’s brand

Identify opportunities to enhance the fraternity’s brand with partner organizations (Jewish entities and Higher Education)

Provide editorial support for the Octagonian

Improve effectiveness of digital communication channels



Philanthropy & Community Service  

Make recommendations to Octagon regarding philanthropic and community service efforts. Coordinate execution of service project at SAM Leadership Conference. Help partner and promote the SAM Foundation’s efforts. 

Develop strategies to increase philanthropic dollars raised and community service hours performed by chapters

Coordinate service project at the SAM Leadership Conference

Communicate with the philanthropic/service partner contacts




Provide recognition from the Fraternity to deserving individuals and chapters that exemplify our standards.

Identify and recommend chapter and individual awards that are outlined in the Blue Book.

Evaluate Chapter Performance Reports submitted by chapters, compile scores, and outline areas of improvement for each chapter.



Risk Management & Insurance 

Review Risk Management Policy and risk-related insurance issues and make recommendations about policy to the Octagon. Participate in Risk Management and Insurance Contribution effort to advise the Budget/Finance Committee in annual preparation of the risk management budget portion of the Fraternity's overall budgeting process.  Assist staff in implementation of insurance and risk management program. 

Review and recommend policy updates related to Risk Management

Assess the effectiveness and adapt RMIC allocation model

Review insurance coverages (GL, Excess, Commercial Crime, D&O, Cyber, Property) with staff and James R. Favor & Company on annual renewal

Review implications of the insurance renewal timeline





Review allegations of violations of Fraternity policy by chapters and members to determine appropriate sanctions and remediation. Review procedures and develop method for processing disciplinary cases. When necessary recommend the suspension of a chapter or suspension/expulsion of a member to the Octagon.

Follow standard operating procedures to address allegations of policy violation

Propose educational content for proactive risk management training

Review Risk Management section of the Chapter Performance Reports in conjunction with the recognition committee

Provide recommendations to the Risk Management & Insurance Committee for policy updates



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