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Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation supports and rewards academic excellence.


All Sigma Alpha Mu candidates who achieve a 3.75/4.0 grade point average or higher for courses taken in the academic term during which they were candidates and are initiated will be recognized as members of the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation’s Young Scholars Program. Young Scholars will receive a certificate and a foundation check in the amount of $500.


If the new member has the required GPA, is a full-time student at the chapters host institution, and is in good standing, he should go to for and complete the young scholar application. He will need to upload a copy of his transcript.


Young Scholars are recognized on our website and in Foundation publications.


Also, the chapters with the most Young Scholars will receive an award of $1000 at the end of the academic year.


This program is funded through the generosity of Past Supreme Prior Sidney Guller, a Director of the Foundation. The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is the charitable and educational Foundation. For more information contact Kathie Garland at


For more information about our other scholarships, go here.



Founded in 1909, Sigma Alpha Mu has initiated more than 67,000 men and currently has had a presence on nearly 150 campuses across North America. Membership in Sigma Alpha Mu can be an integral part of the college experience.


The Fraternity creates a home away from home and a life-long network of relationships. Involvement in the fraternity provides opportunities to build leadership and 21st Century Skills. In this way, the Fraternity provides real world experience that supplements learning the classroom. Recent research from Gallup identified that membership in a fraternity or sorority is linked to higher well-being.


In total, the GPA of our chapters is above the all-male-average. Our culture of academic achievement is supported by Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation which provides any candidate who earns a 3.75 or better in the semester they are initiated with a $500 scholarship.


You may have questions about fraternity membership. We encourage you to talk with your son about his experience. Your son should be your first point of contact. The local chapter officers and advisors can be a great resource as well. Finally, the Sigma Alpha Mu International Headquarters establishes policies and programming to help make membership a positive experience.


Hazing has no place in our organization. We investigate reports of activities that violate our policies. You can help us identify concerns. The 1992 Convention of Sigma Alpha Mu passed a resolution limiting the candidate education period to eight weeks. Sigma Alpha Mu supports the Anti-Hazing Hotline (1-888-NOT-HAZE) to receive anonymous reports of hazing. The Fraternity also provides online education for all candidates that addresses alcohol, hazing and sexual assault prevention. The Fraternity’s Risk Management Policy also addresses drugs, alcohol and other misconduct. 


Please learn more about Sigma Alpha Mu through our online Guide for Parents. We encourage you to submit unanswered questions on our FAQ page.