Parents Council


The Parents Council is a membership program that supports the resources and services to chapters while also providing additional information about fraternity programs, initiatives, and policies. The Parents Council meets by teleconference twice a year to hear from the Executive Director and representatives of the Fraternity's International Board of Directors (the Octagon) to have an open dialogue about critical topics that impact Fraternity life. As a result, members of the Parents Council are to provide input, advice, and perspective to the leadership of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity.


The mission of the Parents Council is to:

  • Represent the parent perspective by offering feedback and communicating concerns to Sigma Alpha Mu 

  • Welcome other parents to Sigma Alpha Mu through their local chapter

  • Help to identify other prospective parent members

  • Provide and secure financial support to Sigma Alpha Mu


To this end, members of the Parents Council have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in Parent Council meetings (via conference call)

  • Participate in Sigma Alpha Mu outreach events 

  • Identify and help recruit other prospective Parents Council members

  • Attend the Fraternity's annual Convention 

  • Assist Sigma Alpha Mu as an international volunteer

  • Connect with students as a mentor and promote internship/job opportunities 


Membership renews annually a September through August. To join, please contact (317) 789-8338.