Academic Excellence






Sigma Alpha Mu takes pride in the academic success of its members.  Motivation for this academic success comes from a rich history of achievement since our Fraternity was founded in 1909. The tone is set from the very beginning of a member's involvement with the Fraternity. All new members are rewarded with a Guller Scholarship in the amount of $300 when they achieve  a grade point average of 3.75 or better during the semester of their candidacy.


We recruit men with the track record of academic excellence. High-school SAT/ACT scores are considered as factors for acceptance into our brotherhood. Our Educational Foundation also supports the academic achievement of our members. In addition to needs-based scholarships, our Foundation awards students with Academic-Based Scholarships for exceptional performance in school. Last year, over 140 members received over $110,000 in scholarship assistance.

During the previous school year, several of our chapters achieved a grade point average higher than 3.0. Eight chapters led their campus in Fall GPA and five chapters were #1 on their campus in the Spring. Our chapters at Michigan and Texas earned the distinction of #1 GPA on campus for the entire school year.


Aside from those chapters leading their campus in grade point average, we have twenty three chapters with a GPA over a 3.0.

#1 On Campus – Spring 2012

(No. of members in parenthesis)

Sigma Iota- Michigan (142) 3.603
Theta- Penn (84) 3.566
Sigma Delta- Rutgers (32) 3.487

Sigma Theta- Texas

Mu Lambda- Penn State



Cumulative ΣΑΜ Grade Point Average
Spring 2012:

3.0 GPA or Higher for 2011-12

(No. of members in parenthesis)

Theta- Penn (84) 3.576
Sigma Iota- Michigan (142) 3.564
Beta- Cornell (78) 3.424
Sigma Theta-Texas (109) 3.392
Mu Lambda- Penn State (117) 3.385
Gamma Chi- Brandeis (21) 3.375
Sigma Delta- Rutgers (32) 3.37
Beta Iota- Wisconsin (64) 3.365
Delta Beta- American (29) 3.36
Rho- Illinois (100) 3.341
Mu Theta- USC (77) 3.34
Sigma Beta- Ohio State (94) 3.18
Beta Upsilon- Boston U. (59) 3.17
Sigma Sigma- Cal Berkley (30) 3.151
Sigma Zeta- Indiana (173) 3.15
Eta- Syracuse (79) 3.145
Epsilon Lambda- Buffalo State (19) 3.13
Epsilon Epsilon- Genesco (36) 3.11
Gamma Tau- FLorida (43) 3.053
Mu Eta- Drexel (15) 3.05
Gamma Phi- Arizona State (43) 3.05
Mu Epsilon- U. Miami- Florida (59) 3.005
Delta Alpha- Hofstra (22) 3.005