Nominating Committee

The following alumni have been nominated for two-year terms:




Bruce Bernstien (Texas, '71)




Jerry Conrey (Cal State Fullerton, '84)



Doug Montgomery (Texas A&M, '05)















Rabbi Andrew Paley (Ohio State, '87)



Blue Book Task Force Report

The Committee has received, reviewed and established language for several proposals to amend the Blue Book. In accordance with the Blue Book, the Convention "may amend this Constitution by a three-quarter vote of all those voting, provided, however, that any amendments to divisions A to F hereof can only be voted upon if said amendments have been presented in writing to the Octagon at least 90 days before the Convention, for publication in the Convention Foreword."


#1. The Octagon proposes to remove the position of Regional Governor.

The proposal is endorsed by the Blue Book Review Task Force Committee.


Division C, Article I – Delete the word “Regional”;

Division C, Article V – Delete the word “Regional” to rename the Article as “The Advisory System”;

Division C, Article V,  Delete items 2, 4, and 5;

Division C, Article V, item 6. –  Delete the first three words “Regional Governors and”, the second sentence, and the words “and Regional Governor” in the last sentence;

Division C, Article 5, item 7. – Delete the last sentence.


Delete all references to Regional Governors in the following items:

Division C, Article II, item 4.a. and item 7.;

Division C, Article III, Item 3.;

Division D, Article II, items 5. and 6.;

Division D, Article III, item 3.c.;

Division F, Article IV, item 3.a.


#2. The Octagon proposes an amendment that would add membership potential for non-faculty alumni for male unaffiliated graduates of an institution.


Division B. Membership,


Article I – Eligibility, Item 1. Rewrite the first sentence to read:

“Any male student who attends any university, college or professional school at which is located a Chapter of the Fraternity, or any member of the teaching staff at such institution, or any male graduate of such institution who has performed, in the judgement of the Octagon, a significant service to a Chapter at that institution or to the Fraternity at large, provided further that such individual a student or member of the teaching staff is of good moral character, and respects the ideas and traditions of the Fraternity, (New language underlined, removed language italicized)


Article II – Kinds of Membership, Add a new Item 2.b.

“Unaffiliated male graduates of institutions where there is a Chapter who have been initiated assume the status of alumni fraters."



#3. SAM Foundation President Hanno Mott proposes an amendment to change the method for electing the Undergraduate Advisory Committee. The proposal is endorsed by the Blue Book Review Task Force Committee and the Octagon.



Division C, Article III, item 1.c. – Revise the first sentence to read: “At each Convention business session, the undergraduate Convention delegates shall elect three undergraduate fratres in good standing to serve on an Undergraduate Advisory Committee.”  (The underlined words are added language)


On behalf of the Committee, submitted to the Octagon on April 21, 2017.