Nominating Committee

The following alumni have been nominated for two-year terms on the Octagon:




Alex Eastman (Texas, '93)






















Dan Grossberg (Miami OH, '84)





















Dave Kleppel (Wash MO, '82)




The following alumnus has been nominated for a one-year term to fill the vacancy of Bruce Bernstien on the Octagon:






















Kyle Riegler (FAU, '09)




The following Young Alumnus Consul has been nominated for a two-year term on the Octagon:





















Michael Morales (Florida, '11)




Blue Book Task Force Report

The Committee has received, reviewed and established language for several proposals to amend the Blue Book. In accordance with the Blue Book, the Convention "may amend this Constitution by a three-quarter vote of all those voting, provided, however, that any amendments to divisions A to F hereof can only be voted upon if said amendments have been presented in writing to the Octagon at least 90 days before the Convention, for publication in the Convention Foreword."


No proposed legislation has been submitted to the Octagon 90 days in advance as required for amendments to Divisions A to F of the Blue Book.