Blue Book Task Force Report

Note: Division C, Article II, 4 states “Any amendments to divisions A to F hereof can only be voted upon if said amendments have been presented in writing to the Octagon at least 90 days before the Convention, for publication in the Convention Foreword.”


The Blue Book Task Force has proposed the following amendments:


1. Comprehensive Revisions to the Blue Book (Endorsed by the Octagon)



2. Separate Amendments from the Blue Book Task Force (Endorsed by the Octagon)


Nominating Committee


The following alumni have been nominated for two-year terms on the Octagon:

Benji Bearman (Minnesota, ’97)

Jerry Conrey (Cal State-Fullerton, ’84)

Doug Montgomery (Texas A&M, ’05)

Andy Paley (Ohio State, ’87)


The alumni registration and draft schedule are available here.