Tips for Chapter House Renovation     


Neil Brown (Temple, ’87) was one of an eight Sigma Alpha Mu alumni who started a for-profit housing corporation at Temple University. This corporation was developed to renovate the 80-year old ΣΑΜ House on Temple’s campus in North Philadelphia. ΣΑΜ staff conducted an interview with Fra Brown to help answer questions about the renovation process:




     What were the benefits of renovating the house?     


“For the undergraduate members, it helped recruit, improved morale. The project gave them a sense of pride.

For me, I was able to get back involved [in the fraternity].”


Fra Brown referenced the location of the house in proximity to the stadium as a building projects benefit.

“There were plans of development from all around university football stadium. This helped us get started.”


     What should potential renovators know about financing the project?     


“More expensive than you estimate 20,000 more in repairs…twice as much on legal fees insurance.”


The housing corporation made up of eight alumni went to a bank to get financed, and expressed that, “[the financing] took an extra month we were not prepared for.”


     What are the notable renovations you made to the house?     


“We made an $75,000 renovation including the addition of central air/heating, and remodeled the first floor."  


     What advice do you have for the new ΣΑΜ member occupants?     


“We are all brothers but we need you to respect the house.”


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