Bridge Builder Campaign

For generations, members of Sigma Alpha Mu have learned the lessons of the bridge builder. Among those lessons is the idea of creating a foundation for future generations to benefit from. Your gift, and your leadership, will allow us to continue our aims to provide young men all across North America with a forward-thinking, inclusive fraternal experience.

That’s why Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity is launching the Bridge Builder Campaign to increase investment in growing the fraternity. Members of the Octagon have committed an $18,000 dollar-for-dollar matching gift challenge to support funding this non-tax deductible priority of the SAM 2030 strategic plan.

What: Bridge Builder Campaign Matching Gift Challenge

Who: Fratres who want to pay it forward

When: March 1-25, 2023

Why: Grow Sigma Alpha Mu and expand opportunities for membership 

Questions regarding the Bridge Builder Campaign can be directed to fraternity staff.

Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity is a 501(c)7 organization and direct gifts received in the Bridge Builder Campaign are NOT tax deductible.

Do you prefer to make a tax-deductible contribution to support the educational initiatives of the fraternity? Make a gift to Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation at Donations to the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Bridge Builder Campaign Honor Roll

(Last updated 2/15/23)

Supreme Prior David Kleppel (Phi, ’82)

Vice Supreme Prior Dean Lambert (Sigma Omicron, ’82)

Supreme Exchequer Benji Bearman (Kappa, ’97)

Supreme Recorder Doug Montgomery (Gamma Kappa, ’05)

Past Supreme Prior Jerry Conrey (Gamma Xi, ’84)

Consul Rabbi Andrew Paley (Sigma Beta, ’87)

Consul Evan Remer (Sigma Theta, ’02)

Young Alumnus Consul Patrick J. Wright, III (Delta Zeta, ’14)

Daniel Puentes (Delta Zeta, ’13)

Nathan Margolis (Beta Sigma, ’73)

Beta Alumni Club

Sigma Beta / Ana Gans House Corporation

Executive Director Andy Huston (Kappa, ’01)

Ryan Tucker (Sigma Beta, ’12)

Past Supreme Prior David Sergi (Gamma Kappa, ’82)