Sigma Alpha Mu's Chapter Eternal

In January 2023, Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity partnered with LifeWeb 360 to create a virtual chapter eternal page to collect your stories of Sammys who have passed away and keep their memories alive.


We forever remember these men and the love they had for Sigma Alpha Mu and their fratres. Notices of their passing were reported between November 2022 to February 2023. To report a death, please email [email protected] and create a memory on our virtual chapter eternal. Memorial donations in memory of Chapter Eternal members may be directed to the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation. To donate online, go to SAM.ORG/DONATE.


Add 5 photos to the LifeWeb memorial scrapbook

We’ve found it’s easiest for others to share vivid stories when they can first see something to jog their memory. If you can, take a moment to find the photos you have of their person. It’s easier than you think! Instructions here to quickly find digital photos you have on Facebook, Google Photos, and how to scan printed photos.

Add at least 1 story to the LifeWeb

It’s helpful to others to see examples of what types of stories they can share in the memorial scrapbook. From big life moments down to funny things they said, we want to encourage people to share any and all memories. You can demonstrate this to others by sharing a memory first to guide the way. If you’re not sure where to start, try writing a memory about the person that makes you smile.

Help you spread the word

Identify all the different “circles” of life that the person was a part of – work, hobbies, friends, etc. Try to identify a “captain” in each circle and ask them to spread the word to others in that circle.

Share the link to the person’s LifeWeb widely

Share via text, email, or Facebook with all those who may have a special memory to share. See sample messages for sharing via text or email here and on Facebook here.