Join Us for UIFI 2022

AFLV and the NIC will host six sessions of the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) using local and national guidance on gatherings to guide the planning. Learn more about the AFLV UIFI experience by clicking here.


During this event, you will learn with and from fraternity men and sorority women from across North America. You will explore the fraternity/sorority leader you want to be and where you can take your chapter, council, or community. This program will push you to define the challenges in your community and excite you for how to create change. UIFI allows you to enhance your leadership skills, develop personal awareness, ignite commitment to your organization, and expect values-based action from yourself and those you lead.


Dates and Location
Session 1 – May 12-15

Session 2 – May 15-18

Session 3 – May 22-25

Session 4 – June 2-5

Session 5 – July 28-31

Session 6 – July 31-Aug 3


Who may attend?

Chapter and Emerging Leaders



Bloomington, Indiana


How much will it cost?

The Alvin Cohn UIFI Scholarship through the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation covers the registration cost ($600) and a travel stipend for Sigma Alpha Mu undergraduates attending the conference. Find more information below. Click here to apply.

Alvin W. Cohn UIFI Scholarships

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The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is proud to award Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) Fellowships which cover costs associated with registration for the program and a $200 stipend for travel to/from the program.


UIFI, hosted by the Association for Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV), is unlike anything you have experienced! This four-day, three-night, immersive leadership experience where fraternity/sorority students come together to challenge conventional wisdom, discover new solutions to critical problems and accelerate progress in their fraternity/sorority communities. Participants are involved in all aspects of the Institute. UIFI is not for individuals who prefer lecture style leadership experiences. Attendees know and understand the true meaning of belonging to an organization and affecting change not only within their chapter but on their respective campuses and in their communities.


Brothers who attend a UIFI session are changed forever. They are able to return to their chapter and teach what was learned and better understand how to be a leader. The program is geared for those individuals who are ready to realize their potential and ready to achieve goals set by themselves, their chapter, and their Greek and college/university communities.


Participants will learn from each other in large and small groups with space for individual reflection and introspection. The goal is for all participants to have a new perspective about their own fraternity/sorority experience as a result of their time at UIFI.


Since its inception in 1990, more than 30,000 students have taken part in the UIFI experience.


If you have application questions, please feel free to contact the Foundation offices at 317-536-8952 or [email protected]


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