Meet the People

The Octagon


Andy Huston

Executive Director

Michele Peterson

Assistant Executive Director

Kelby Dolan

Director of Communications and Alumni Engagement

Dinah Thompson

Director of Finance and Administration

Samuel Friday

Director of Operations

Jerred McCormick

Director of Growth

Armando Rijo, M. Ed.

Growth Consultant

Uri Nathan

Growth Consultant

Kenneth Burrell

Educational Leadership Consultant

Teresa Wright

SAM Property Management, President

Mike Weiner

SAM Property Management, Property Manager

Nancy Dietmeyer

SAM Foundation, Director of Programs & Administration

Kristi Tucker

SAM Foundation, Annual Appeal Coordinator

Foundation Directors

Canadian Foundation Directors

Endowment Fund Trustees

SAM National Properties Board

David P. Kleppel

Vice Supreme Prior

Richard H. Williamson

Trustee, Director

Teresa Wright

SAM Property Management, President