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The Purple Book is clear that these are for the personal use of members and for chapter affairs. Registered trademarks of the Fraternity may not be used for commercial purposes without permission of the Octagon and Executive Director.

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Social Media Policy

Think Before Posting

Members should think carefully before posting online because most online social platforms are open for all to see. Even deleted or private content can be made public and disseminated through screenshots. Before posting anything, members should remember that they are responsible for what is posted online. Carefully consider the risks and rewards with respect to each posting. Any conduct, online or otherwise, that negatively or adversely impact the Chapter or the Fraternity may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Fraternity’s Constitution and Chapter Codes and the chapter’s bylaws, up to and including expulsion. If members have any doubt about what to post online, it is probably better not to post; once something goes online, it is difficult or near impossible to retract the information. Members should use their best judgment and exercise personal responsibility when posting to any social media website.

Act Appropriately

Members should act appropriately when posting online. Our values and Ritual expect that we conduct ourselves as gentlemen. Because online tone can be interpreted in different ways by readers, members should not engage in any online conduct that would not be acceptable in a place of employment; including derogatory, discriminating or stereotypical remarks, threats, intimidation, harassment, insults, slander, defamation or pornography. NOTE: The standards of conduct apply equally to closed or restricted access forums for members only. Closed or private

forums often become public and get increased levels of scrutiny.

Demonstrate Respect

When posting anything online, members should always be fair, courteous, and respectful to brothers, new members, fellow students, campus officials, alumni, and other members of the general public. Members should demonstrate proper respect for the privacy of others. If a member decides to post a complaint or criticisms, the member should avoid using any statements, photographs, video or audio that may be viewed as malicious, obscene, threatening, harassing, or abusive to others. Members should refrain from engaging in offensive postings that may create a hostile and abusive environment based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or any other protected class.

Be Accurate and Honest

Members should always be accurate and honest in posting any news or information to social media and quickly correct any mistakes or errors. Members should never post any information which is known to be false about Omega Omega Chapter or Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity.

Chapter Related Social Media Accounts

All chapter-related social media accounts and related postings maintained by members for marketing, networking, and/or public relations purposes remain the property of the Chapter at all times. All information including the account, the login, and password should be returned to the chapter secretary at the end of the appointed social media manager’s term. No member has the right to use the account after the end of the appointed term and only the Chapter (via the executive council) is permitted to change account names and Sample Social Media Policy of Omega Omega Chapter 2 settings. NOTE: The standards of conduct apply equally to closed or restricted access forums for members only. Closed or private forums often become public and get increased levels of scrutiny.

Be Mindful of Copyright and Intellectual Property Laws

Members should be careful to comply with all copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws.

Chapter Reserves the Right to Monitor

The Chapter reserves the right to monitor members’ use of any social media and to take appropriate action with respect to inappropriate or unlawful postings.

Representing the Chapter or Fraternity

Members are NOT authorized to speak on behalf of the Chapter or the Fraternity, unless explicitly given permission. Members should express only personal opinions online, and a member should never represent himself as a spokesperson for the Chapter unless given explicit permission or approval to do so. Members should never post anything to the Internet in the Chapter’s name without prior written consent. Control of chapter social accounts should reside with the public relations chairman or other duly appointed represented by the executive council. If the Chapter is the subject of content posted online, the member should make it clear that the views posted do not represent or reflect the views of the Chapter or other members.

Do Not Post Confidential Information

Members should aim to protect personal information and not reveal information regarding the Ritual or secrets of the Fraternity. Members should make sure that online postings do not violate confidentiality obligations and disclose the Fraternity’s trade secrets, confidential, or proprietary information.

Retaliation Prohibited

The Chapter prohibits taking negative action against any member for reporting a possible violation of this social media policy or cooperating in any investigation with respect to a potential social media policy violation. Any member who retaliates against any other member for reporting a possible deviation from this policy or for cooperating in any investigation will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.

Legal Liability

Members can be legally liable for what is written or posted online. The Chapter also reserves the right to discipline members, up to and including expulsion, for any commentary, content, or images that are pornographic, harassing, and libelous or for anything that creates a hostile environment based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or any other protected class.

Sigma Alpha Mu Media Protocols

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