Convention FAQs

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What is the cost of Undergraduate Convention Registration?
$200 per official delegate (Blue Book requires two delegates) for a total of $400.  This cost includes attendance for the two official delegates (required) and two alternates (optional) for the Business Meeting, Convention materials mailed to the two official delegates, and unlimited member attendance for the educational programs.

What if our chapter had NOT paid the Convention registration?
The virtual Convention registration must be paid prior to attending the Business meeting on Sunday, August 15, 2021.   

Does my chapter still have to attend?
Yes, the Blue Book requires representation. The virtual option will be less expensive for chapters from a registration standpoint as well as additional travel expenses that would have been incurred.

Will there be a Convention Rebate?
Yes!  In order to be eligible for the Convention Rebate, your chapter must have representation on all educational programs and two delegates at the Business Meeting.  The Convention Rebate will be 75% of one registration fee (per Blue Book) which will be $150.

Chapter Convention Rebate Information

Are there any consequences for not attending the educational or business session?
Yes, there are a few!  Failure to have representation on the educational programs will result in your chapter missing out on valuable resources and the Convention Rebate.  Failure to have two delegates at the Business Meeting will result in a fine (per Octagon Policy).  

Will there still be educational programs?
Yes! The virtual educational programs will occur the week of August 8-15 and all undergraduates fratres of registered chapters are able to attend!  Links to register are within the schedule.

Does the same member have to attend all of the educational programs?
No, any member, or as many members as you wish, can attend the educational programs.  To get the most out of the educational programs, it is encouraged that chapter leaders (Council members, chairmen, committee members, and advisors) attend the programs that are applicable to their position.

What about chapter goal setting? Is that still happening?
Yes, and staff is excited for this virtual format because more members of your Council (and advisors) will be able to attend!  Sunday, August 8th, HQ staff & Volunteers will facilitate the Chapter Goal Setting Sessions with each chapter!  More details will be provided on the virtual schedule.

How many undergraduate chapter delegates need to attend the virtual Convention Business Session?
Each Chapter shall be represented by two official delegates, each of whom may have an alternate, and shall be entitled to a total of two votes. Where a Chapter is represented by one delegate, he shall be entitled to cast two votes for his Chapter. Official Chapter delegates must be undergraduate fraters who will return to the Chapter as matriculated undergraduates in the next academic term.

What business will be discussed?
See the Convention Foreword at

How will we vote?
Staff is assessing software solutions to provide voting that will be safe, secure, and can be weighted in accordance with the Blue Book.  Additionally, we will do a “test” vote at the beginning of the Business Meeting, so everyone is knowledgeable and prepared to vote.

How long will the Business Meeting be?
It is our goal to complete the business meeting in approximately ninety minutes.  

What do I have to wear?
As you are attending educational programs, casual is appropriate.  For the Business Meeting on Sunday, shirt and tie is expected.  

Will we be able to interact with other Convention delegates virtually?
We are developing plans to provide undergraduates and alumni opportunities to interact virtually during the convention.  Further details will be released at a later time.

Will individual and chapter awards still be given out?
Yes, we are excited to share that individual and chapter awards will be announced during August 8-15 on Sigma Alpha Mu social media platforms.  The Founders Cup will be announced at the business meeting on Sunday, August 15.

How much is alumni registration?
This year we are excited to provide two alumni registration options.  1) Full Alumni Registration ($125.00).  This cost includes your attendance at the Virtual Business Meeting, mailed Convention Swag Box, and convention events. 2) Partial Alumni Registration ($50.00).  This cost includes all convention events except for the business meeting.

How do I pay for alumni registration?
As you complete the registration process, you will be prompted to pay.

Will I get a refund if I need to cancel my alumni registration?
Please notify staff at of the cancelation.  Cancelations after July 15, 2021, will result in a 50% refund. 

How many Alumni Club delegates need to attend the virtual Convention Business Session?
Each regularly chartered Alumni Club in good standing may be represented by two delegates, each of whom may have an alternate, and shall be entitled to a total of two votes. Each Alumni Club, through both its President and Secretary, shall be required to provide, in writing, the names of its delegates to the Convention to the Octagon thirty days before the start of the Convention. Such representatives shall be members in good standing of their Alumni Club and of the Fraternity. Where a Club is represented by but one delegate, he shall be entitled to cast two votes for his Club.

How do general alumni register for the Convention Business Session? 
The alumni shall be grouped with respect to their Chapters, voting as a group, and each group entitled to two votes. If only one alumnus is present he is entitled to cast two votes. Such representatives shall be members of the Fraternity in good standing. Any frater who has been transferred to the alumni group because he left college shall not be entitled to vote at the Convention until the class of which he was a member at the time of attending college shall have been graduated.