HQ Hires Mario Tobar, Assistant Director of Operations

Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity hired Mario Tobar (West Florida, ‘15) as the Assistant Director of Operations. Mario attended the University of West Florida where he joined the fraternity in 2015. He earned a degree in Mathematics and is completing his Master’s in Data Science. 

Mario brings significant experience to this role as former Exchequer, Candidate Educator, and Campus Involvement Chair of the Delta Eta Chapter at the University of West Florida. He was also active in Student Government as Treasurer and University Affairs Chairman. Mario further demonstrated his love for and loyalty to his Alma Mater as a Student Ambassador and Co-Chair of Argo Camp. He was also a graduate of Sigma Alpha Mu’s Developing Leaders Initiative.

As Assistant Director of Operations, Mario will serve as the key staff leader for the continued enhancement of database services and processes to enable more data-driven insights. He will also update membership records and educational resources in the MySAM Resource Center in support of achieving the mission of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. 

“Mario is a dynamic member who brings a variety of mission-critical skills to our team,” shared Executive Director Andy Huston. “In this role, Mario will have a significant impact on the member experience. He will be instrumental in our efforts to realize the SAM 2030 Strategic Plan.”

Mario looks forward to improving customer service and organizational efficiency by maximizing the fraternity’s database. He shared, “I cannot wait to dive deep into this role and enhance my skills and the lives of our chapters by enhancing the database and making applications on the portal friendlier for our fraters!” Mario began working full-time for the fraternity on Monday, January 3, 2022.

Sigma Alpha Mu was founded in 1909 at the College of the City of New York as a fraternity of Jewish men; the organization has been open to all men of good moral character since 1953. Sigma Alpha Mu’s vision is to be the first choice of collegians seeking a forward-thinking, inclusive fraternity which enhances the university experience and prepares the fraternity member for a fulfilling life. With its International Headquarters located in Indianapolis, IN, the fraternity currently has 46 collegiate chapters and over 59,000 living alumni.