Annual Awards

Annual Awards

It is time to submit your nominations for the annual Chapter Awards. These awards are presented on an annual basis at the Summer Convention.


  • Chapters may nominate as many fratres who meet the criteria for the award. (Example: If the chapter has two members who are varsity athletes and your chapter would like to nominate both for the Outstanding Athlete Award, you can.)
  • Chapters are encouraged to apply for each of the chapter-based awards.
  • All officer nominees must have served a majority of the academic year to be eligible.
  • Submit one form per nominee/nomination.
  • All of the awards require supporting documentation. There is a section on the nomination form where you can upload that information (multiple documents can be uploaded).
  • Letter(s) of nomination should be a minimum of 1 page, double-spaced in length.  Letter(s) can be wrote by members, Council or Chapter Advisor

Submission deadline for all awards is May 31, 2020.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Assistant Executive Director Michele Peterson at


  • Prior of the Year Award: For the outstanding chapter Prior
  • Vice Prior of the Year Award: For the outstanding chapter Vice Prior
  • Exchequer of the Year Award: For the outstanding chapter Exchequer
  • Recorder of the Year Award: For the outstanding chapter Recorder
  • Alumni Recorder of the Year Award: Awarded to the chapter Alumni Recorder most deserving of recognition
  • Outstanding Athlete Award: Awarded to the outstanding individual undergraduate varsity athlete in Sigma Alpha Mu
  • Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award: Awarded to the Chapter Advisor most deserving of recognition
  • Rabbi Liebman Award: Named for the late Fra Joshua Loth Liebman of Boston, is awarded to the individual undergraduate making the most outstanding contribution to religious endeavor in his campus community, regardless of his religion


  • Religious Endeavor Award: Given annually to the chapter that has made the most outstanding contribution to religious endeavor in its campus community.
  • Publications Award: Awarded annually to the chapter which published the best chapter papers/newsletters during the year.
  • Community Service Award: Awarded annually to the chapter deemed to have done most by way of community service during the year just ended. Please include spreadsheet of member service hours and overview of chapter community service events.


The purpose of these awards are to honor the top undergraduate men in the Fraternity, one sophomore, one junior, and one senior who are campus and chapter leaders. This is the most prestigious award within Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity that an undergraduate member can receive. The principal areas of accomplishment are campus activity, chapter contributions, and scholarship (athletic and cultural/religious endeavor may also be considered).

The following information needs to be uploaded with this nomination:

  • Brief statement from the nominee about his Fraternity experience and campus involvement accomplishments
  • Photo of the nominee
  • Nominee’s official academic transcript
  • Nominee’s resume
  • Letters of recommendation from the Chapter Council and/or Chapter Advisor