Sigma Alpha Mu's Mission is to foster the development of collegiate men and our alumni by instilling strong fraternal values, offering social and service opportunities, encouraging academic excellence and teaching leadership skills. We will continue to attract members of all beliefs who appreciate our great heritage as a fraternity of Jewish men.
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2014 Convention Business Session

Proposed Legislation from Blue Book Review Task Force

May 9, 2014


The Blue Book Review Task Force makes the following recommendations for changes to the Blue Book, to be voted on at the 2014 Convention Business Session:

The section of the Blue Book is identified. The proposed change to the section is identified with new language in bold letters and language to be eliminated in strikeout.

1.    Division C, Article II, Item #7:

The Octagon shall reimburse each member of the Octagon, and each Regional Governor attending the Convention at the invitation of the Octagon, for any or all necessary expenses for travel to and from, and for maintenance at the Convention. The Octagon, in its discretion, may invite other alumni or non-members to attend the Convention as presenters or as special guests and shall, in its discretion, have the authority to reimburse them for travel related expenses and maintenance. also authorize the attendance at the Convention of a representative of the editorial board of the Octagonian; of the Chairman of the National Alumni Council; of the National Chaplain; of the National Scholarship Chairman; and of the principal speaker, in which event the Octagon shall reimburse such officers and representatives for any and all necessary expenses incurred in travel to and from, and for maintenance at the Convention.

2.    Division J, Article II:

The Archives shall contain and preserve the records (whether electronically or in print form) of the Fraternity …

3.    Division D, Article III, Item 3.a last sentence:

It shall be the policy of each Chapter to extend a bid to the son or grandson of any frater of Sigma Alpha Mu, and to the brother of any frater of the same Chapter.

4.    Division C, Article II, Item 3.c:

Insert after the first sentence

Each Alumni Club, through both its President and Secretary, shall be required to provide, in writing, the names of its delegates to the Convention to the Octagon thirty days before the start of the Convention.

5.    Division C, Article III, Item 3.a:

Renumber to be Item 4, which reads “Consuls must adhere to all written Octagon Policies.” and renumber Item 4 to be Item 5, and add the following language to the new Item 4:

The Octagon, in the exercise of its disciplinary functions, may suspend or permanently remove a Consul who fails to comply with these requirements. The accused Consul shall be notified in writing as soon as the violation is noted. The accused Consul shall have fifteen calendar days to respond in writing. Failure to respond to the charge would result in an automatic suspension. When a response is received, the Octagon is required to conduct a hearing (which may be by teleconference or videoconference) whereby the accused Consul participates to present his defense. Any vote for suspension or accused removal shall require a three-quarter vote of the entire Octagon.