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2016-2017 Academic Year Information

The following is a summary of the fraternity's numbers as of March 7, 2017. This page is updated biannually.



Total Initiates Since 1909: 67,654

Total Undergraduate Members: 2,900

Total Living Alumni Members: 55,302



Total Chapters Since 1909: 150

Total Active Chapters: 49

Total Active Colonies: 7

Average Chapter Size: 52

Largest Chapter Size: 157

2015-16, Chapters Raised for Philanthropic Causes: $349, 261

2015-16, Hours Community Service: 31,545


Headquarters Staff

Total Full-Time Headquarters Staff: 8

Total Part-Time Headquarters Staff: 1


Organizational Information

Founded November 26th, 1909 by eight men known as the "Stalwart Eight."

College of the City of New York CCNY, New York, New York



8701 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN, 46268


2018 Conference

August 10-12th, 2018

Marriott O'Hare (Chicago, IL)


Educational Programs


Chapter Leaders Day: January – February

Annual leadership programs that will take place in January/February in collaboration with Sigma Delta Tau.

[Held in 6 locations: Southeast, Midwest, Northeast, East, South, West, and Norwest United States] 


Developing Leaders Initiative: Early January, Biennial (i.e. 2019, 2021)   

Year-long program to enhance the professional skills and cultural competency of our members, and create an innovative program for the Fraternity.


Fraternity Health and Safety Intiative (FHSI)      

This initiative will implement a three-year plan where each chapter and colony will receive an in-person facilitated program once a year to address key issues and concerns in men’s fraternities relating to health and safety.


Everfi (GreekLifeEdu)

All Sigma Alpha Mu candidates are required to complete GreekLifeEdu. This program provides education on risky behaviors pertaining to alcohol and drug consumption, hazing, and sexual assault.


Additional Fraternity Information

Philanthropy: Alzheimer's Association

Magazine: The Octagonian

Official Colors: Purple and White

Nicknames: Sammy, Sam


Our Creed

"To foster and maintain among its sons a spirit of fraternity, a spirit of mutual moral aid and support; to instill and maintain in the hearts of its sons love for and loyalty to Alma Mater and its ideals; to inculcate among its sons such ideals as will result in actions worthy of the highest precepts of true manhood, democracy, and humanity."


















Our Mission

Sigma Alpha Mu's Mission is to foster the development of collegiate men and our alumni by instilling strong fraternal values, offering social and service opportunities, encouraging academic excellence and teaching leadership skills.  We will continue to attract members of all beliefs who appreciate our great heritage as a fraternity of Jewish men.


Sigma Alpha Mu Headquarters

















Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity

8701 Founders Rd.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46268

Office: 317-789-8338
Fax: 317-824-1505
E-mail: SAMHQ@sam.org


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