2023 Convention Introduction

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We look forward to hosting an in-person program, August 11-13, 2023 in Indianapolis, IN, home to our Fraternity and Foundation headquarters. The Convention Business Meeting will be hosted on Saturday, August 13. More information about events specific to this celebration is available online at sam.org/convention

Nominating Report

Benji Bearman

(Minnesota, ’97)

Doug Montgomery

(Texas A&M, ’05)

Andy Raffel

(Western Michigan, ’92)

David Sackler

(Syracuse, ’84)

2023 Award Recipients

The Certificate of Merit shall be awarded to such alumni whose service and achievements in community endeavors are deemed by the Octagon worthy of national recognition. The 2023 recipients include Dr. George Tinsley (Kentucky Wesleyan, ’69) and Offer Korin (Indiana, ’83).

Sigma Alpha Mu will be presenting PSP Lee Manders (Miami OH, ‘72) with the William P. Schwartz Distinguished Service Award at the 2023 Convention in Indianapolis.  He is only the 19th recipient to receive this prestigious award. Lee has served the fraternity extensively in volunteer and staff capacities.

Volunteer Service:

House Corporation Leadership, Regional Governor (’80-’86), Supreme Exchequer (’87-’89), Vice Supreme Prior (’89-’91), Supreme Recorder (’98-’99), Vice Supreme Prior (’99-’01), Supreme Prior (’01-’04), and Foundation Director (’08-’09).

Staff Roles:

Field Secretary (’77-’79), Executive Director (’09-’15), President of SAM National Properties & SAM Property Management (’15-’21).

This award was established in 1952 and is the pinnacle acknowledgment of service to Sigma Alpha Mu. Living recipients of the Distinguished Service Award include Past Supreme Priors Ron Katch, Richie Williamson, Hanno Mott, Howard Miller, and Phil Glauben. 

Congrats to Lee and thank you for your steadfast service to Sammy!