Chapter Eternal Fall 2022

Forever remembering these men and the love they had for Sigma Alpha Mu and their fratres. Notices of their passing were reported between mid-March to November. To report a death, please email Memorial donations in memory of Chapter Eternal members may be directed to the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation. To donate online, go to SAM.ORG/DONATE.


Gerald L Dorf (Cornell, ’54)

Stephen A Kasten (Cornell, ’56)


Stanley M Lipnick (Columbia, ’54)


Charles K Keil (UPenn, ’52)


 Robert Latz (Minnesota, ’50)

Lloyd L Robinson (Minnesota, ’56)


Marvin Popeck (Buffalo, ’55)


Jeffrey A Davis (Illinois, ’73)


Sidney Hollander (Alabama, ’56)


Joseph M Tanenbaum (Toronto, ’51)

Sigma  Alpha

Michael J Lubel (Oklahoma, ’63)

Sigma  Beta

Eden S Feldstein (Ohio State, ’61)

Richard H Gurevitz (Ohio State, ’57)

Sigma  Gamma

Gerald D Horowitz (Tulane, ’57)

Sigma  Delta

James M Dring (Rutgers, ’90)

Martin S Hanopole (Rutgers, ’57)

Sigma  Zeta

Ronald H Grumbacher (Indiana, ’69)

Jack A Hertz (Indiana, ’60)

Andrew L Platkin (Indiana, ’08)

Sigma  Eta

Howard  Aduss (Purdue, ’51)

Sigma  Theta

David Abramowitz (Texas, ’66)

Robert E Gurwitz (Texas, ’58)

Sigma  Iota

Donald A Busch (Michigan, ’41)

Avern L Cohn (Michigan, ’42)

Merrill L Kaufman (Michigan, ’53)

Saul S Saulson (Michigan, ’47)

Sigma  Kappa

David H Dickstein (Lehigh, ’68)

Sigma Nu

Barry A Posner (Washington WA, ’58)

Sigma Omicron

Marshall D Becker (Nebraska, ’52)

Leonard A Mozer (Nebraska, ’50)

Martin E Sophir (Nebraska, ’58)

Sigma Rho

Arthur M Malcy (Missouri, ’51)

Norman S Pearl (Missouri, ’52)

Sigma Sigma

Albert P Moon (Berkeley, ’96)

Stanley Trilling (Berkeley, ’58)

Sigma Tau

Donald M Simon (Oregon, ’48)

Sigma Chi

Arthur Chernow (Maryland, ’56)

Michael H Folb (Maryland, ’57)

David Freishtat (Maryland, ’54)

Joseph S Gimbel (Maryland, ’61)

Franklin Goldstein (Maryland, ’47)

Stephen E Harris (Maryland, ’56)

Martin S Kleinman (Maryland, ’53)

Robert C Levin (Maryland, ’46)

Joel M Smeyne (Maryland, ’57)

Sigma Omega

David I Brook (NC State, ’48)

Mu  Gamma

Stuart Mestelman (Case Western, ’61)

Mu  Epsilon

Stuart M Lilien (Miami FL, ’57)

Mu  Theta

David A Kronick (USC, ’86)

Mu  Kappa

Eugene Driker (Wayne State, ’56)

Ronald A Steinberg (Wayne State, ’59)

Mu  Omicron

Bernard B Breslin (NYU, ’52)

Mu  Rho

Arnold D Cohen (Rochester, ’78)

Mu  Phi

Harvey A Gottlieb (Long Island, ’58)

Mu  Chi

Warren E Wolfe (Michigan State, ’73)

Mu  Psi

John D Williams (Miami OH, ’69)

Beta  Gamma

Harry Seton (Arizona, ’58)

Beta  Delta

Michael S Barko (San Jose State, ’77)

Sander H Heller (San Jose State, ’67)

Beta  Rho

Herbert Shapiro (Houston, ’68)

Beta  Sigma

Lee N Prince (North Texas, ’70)

Beta  Psi

Jeffrey L Galston (Virginia, ’74)

Beta  Omega

Michael H Welsch (KY Wesleyan, ’71)

Gamma  Epsilon

Alan B Itzkowitz (IL-Chicago, ’70)

Gamma  Psi

Wesley T. Richardson (Temple, ’17)

Epsilon  Delta

Nurbu Thandu (Johnson & Wales, ’13)

An Obituary for Dorothy Duncan, Daughter  of  Sigma  Alpha  Mu  Founder Jacob  Kaplan 

She was the cherished only child of Shirley (née Vollberg) and Jacob Kaplan. Her father, a Manhattan attorney, was a student at CCNY when Jews were excluded from fraternities, motivating him and 7 of his friends (“The Octagon”) to found Sigma Alpha Mu (“the Sammys”) which spawned chapters on college campuses throughout North America.

Dorothy, known for her beauty throughout her life, inside and out, was an alumnus of Erasmus Hall High School where she was named the “Class Actress” in her yearbook. She attended NYU and worked as a runway model in Manhattan for several years before becoming a buyer at Macy’s in Herald Square. 

The epitome of vivacious, she was also hilarious, good-natured, and amenable to new things – even trying white water rafting with her grandchildren at age 80.

Dorothy was a fantastic cook best known for her incredible brisket and someone who always encouraged her children to invite their non-Jewish friends to her Passover Seder to learn about Jewish traditions. 

Although she lived most of her life in her beloved Kansas City, she was still a New Yorker through and through who loved her Schrafft’s coffee ice cream and, even in her 80s, could still navigate her way around the streets of Manhattan so fast that even her grandchildren couldn’t keep up. 

She adored her many dear friends, her dogs, babies, old black and white movies, playing tennis at Oakwood CC, traveling the globe, rooting for the KC Chiefs, and a good party. She also had a remarkable memory for the people and events of her life and always had a great story to share such as when she was 4 and her parents brought her along to see the legendary fan dancer, Sally Rand. As she told it, she stole the show when she screamed, “Look Mommy – that lady is naked!” But most central to her personality was her incredible maternal nature. No woman ever loved her children or grandchildren more deeply than she, and she always made sure they knew it.

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