Customer Centric: A New Look at our Alumni Relations Committee

Sigma Delta Chapter Centennial At Rutgers

Written by Vice Supreme Prior Dean Lambert (Nebraska, ’82)

Alumni play a central role in achieving the ΣAM 2030 vision: “To transform Sigma Alpha Mu into the first choice for collegians seeking a forward-thinking, inclusive fraternity which enhances the university experience and prepares the fraternity member for a fulfilling life.”  That’s why the Octagon has adopted a new “customer-centric” Alumni Relations committee that is structured with recent member survey data in mind.

Looking at our ΣAM 2030 stakeholder diagram,, ΣAM undergrads and alumni are the hub of the organization. 

Stakeholders are inexorably linked to ensure the long-term support and growth of our Fraternity. The new Alumni Relations Committee is organized to successfully engage, inform and retain enthusiastic participation of graduate members of ΣAM. 

How will we do it?

Our strategic plan calls for us to be a data-driven organization. The member survey mentioned earlier is the beginning of a commitment to reach out to members to understand how to provide the best fraternity experience throughout the various life stages of our alumni. Initial data indicates we need to provide a variety of opportunities for alumni participation. 

We have published the Alumni Relations Committee structure with this article. We invested in the various functions and will need a great deal of help to engage and motivate a strong and committed alumni population. Currently, the Octagon is focused on Data & Analytics, Communication and Development.

We are grateful for any amount of time you can commit to volunteering for ΣAM! Committee volunteers typically dedicate a few hours per month depending on the committee’s approach. Inspired to serve? Email or

Where You Can Help

Sign up for one of the following sub-committees at


Collect, analyze and maintain data to effectively tailor and target alumni communications, programs and services to specific alumni segments.


Work with ΣAM entities (Foundation, Endowment, National Properties & Property Management) and ΣAM headquarters staff to coordinate or create timely, relevant communication outreach that engages, informs, and motivates alumni throughout their lifetime of membership.


Identify, create and manage the delivery of services and programs that would be most valuable to each of the identified segments and/or clusters of ΣAM alumni. Measure and report on participation and alumni experience satisfaction on a regular, periodic basis.


Support recruitment of volunteers to serve as committee chairs and members, chapter advisors, and supporters of alumni services/programs.


Develop tools and resources for alumni reunions, chapter anniversaries or other significant milestones, social events such as golf outings or annual gatherings, alumni philanthropic and community service efforts, and other international alumni events.


Support and manage Alumni Club formation, recruitment, and growth by creating tools and resources for alumni club membership targeting and experience support.


Responsible for non-deductible fundraising, recruiting investors for housing development projects, and planned giving (in support of ΣAM Foundation and Endowment).

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