Foundation Fall 2022

Since our inception, the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation’s mission has been “to support the educational interests and activities of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, to furnish student aid, and to encourage and develop conduct and traits of character consistent with high morals, constructive citizenship, scholarship, leadership and community service.” 

To learn more about the foundation’s programs or to make a donation, go to

The 2023 applications for our Lawrence D. Schaffer Endowed Scholarship Program are now open! 

More than 140 scholarships for Sammy undergraduates, graduate students, and non-members including some for children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of alumni! Applications are due by January 30, 2023.

New Scholarship Awards for 2023

Sean P. Daly Memorial Scholarship – In memory of Sean P. Daly (UIC, ‘95)

Tommy Howe III Memorial Scholarship – In memory of Tommy Howe III (Miami OH, ’17)

With our Sincere Thanks: Messages of gratitude from the 2022 Lawrence D. Schaffer Scholarship Recipients

The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation would like to thank the many donors who have made it possible for 149 Sammys and others to receive a total of $174,000 in scholarship awards in the 2021-2022 academic year. Since the Foundation’s inception, we’ve awarded more than $3.6 million in scholarships, impacting the lives of nearly 4,000 students.

(TAU, ‘19)


Words cannot express how grateful I feel to have been blessed to receive this scholarship. One of my main goals in the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree has been to graduate with the least debt possible, as I have seen just how shackling and difficult student debt can be to recent graduates.  Thanks to your generosity I am proud to announce that I have managed to graduate debt-free.



Thank you so much for this scholarship. Since I am an out-of-state student, I will definitely leave the school with loans and this support will help me tremendously. I will be forever grateful for this scholarship as I go on to finish my final year in college and pursue a career. It is a blessing to receive help from thoughtful individuals and one that I will not soon forget.

(TAU, ‘21)


Thank you for the tremendous opportunity you have given to me. I hope you can see that this scholarship will go a long way in my academic endeavors. Furthermore, I hope to use it to the greatest extent that I can so that, someday, I can also pay it forward to someone who will appreciate the opportunity as I do now.



You have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning. I am committed to my education and to health care, and one step closer to becoming a doctor. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.



Each year you continue providing financial assistance to fratres who are taking the steps to better their chapters, their communities, and themselves, is undoubtedly another year of changed lives. I consider your generosity an investment in the future of our chapter, of Sammys, and my future.

(SIGMA CHI, ‘20)


As I pay for much of my own schooling, I cannot overstate the impact of your generosity. Your gift will help me to continue my education so that I can reach my goals of being happy and successful. Furthermore, your gift will help to ensure that I can give back and help others as you have helped me. Thank you again for your generosity. It has truly made a difference for me, and I am incredibly grateful for it.

(KAPPA, ‘21)


I wanted to extend my sincerest appreciation for your generosity. When I joined, I was told about our incredible alumni network. I have received tremendous amounts of support from our organization financially and beyond. I am forever thankful that members of my community genuinely care and are willing to invest in my future.

(GAMMA TAU, ’22)


I am excited about the possibilities of furthering my education. I decided to join Sammy when a friend of mine, who was already a member, invited me to a recruitment event to meet the other fraters. Right away, I knew we made a connection. The fraters of my chapter showed love and supported everyone in the brotherhood.



By providing me with this scholarship, you are giving me the chance to further my education and continue exploring these fascinating subjects. I look forward to learning more and taking new engaging courses this upcoming school year and deeply appreciate the donation you made to allow me to do so. I am so fortunate to be able to continue my education and thank you for your support in doing so.

Honor and Memorial Gifts

March 2022 through October 2022

Contributions to the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation can be made in memory of fratres, family, and friends, and to honor living members. These gifts help to further the Foundation’s educational initiatives to benefit our student fratres. For more information or to make a gift, please go to For questions or corrections, contact Nancy Dietmeyer at 

In Honor of

BB Brooks (Rutgers, ‘87)

To the Michael El-Far Memorial Scholarship

By Andy J. Huston (Minnesota, ‘01)

Jerry L. Conrey (CSU-Fullerton, ‘84)

By Michael W. Brown (UC-Berkeley, ‘95)

Dane Elkins

By Brett Elkins (USC, ‘85)

Madeline Florence for Mother’s Day

To the Andy Dickson Scholarship

By Elana Grissom

Bernice Greenberg

To the Theta Centennial Fund

By Lawrence Greenberg (Pennsylvania, ‘82)

Isaac Kohn Claar (Beta Iota, ‘19)

By Robert A. Kohn (Louisville, ‘58)

Leland D. Manders (Miami OH, ‘72)

By Bruce J. Tasch, M.D. (Miami OH, ‘74)

Mu Psi 2021 Founders Cup

By Bruce J. Tasch, M.D. (Miami OH, ‘74)

My Brothers

By Ronald Feusier

David H. Phillips (Ohio Sate, ‘82)

By Kathie Garland

Daniel Puentes (FIU, ‘13 ) & Chelsie Boodoo Wedding

By Benji D. Bearman (Minnesota, ‘97)

Sigma Omega Chapter

By Herbert S. Goldberg (NC State, ‘48)

Theta 100th anniversary scholarship to ensure the continued get-togethers of the brothers of the greatest Theta Bud-Era

To the Theta Centennial Fund

By Eric R. Bober (Pennsylvania, ‘81)

To help the Fraternity that saved my life and changed it for the better. Fast & Firm!

By Kaiden Scott Hicks (Beta Omega, ‘17) 

In Memory of

Sean P. Daly (University of Illinois at Chicago, ‘95)

To the Sean P. Daly Memorial Scholarship 

By Jeffrey B. Ekergren  (University of Illinois at Chicago, ‘02)

By Michael I. Farr, DMD (University of Illinois at Chicago, ‘96)

Jeffrey A. Davis (University of Illinois-Urbana, ‘73)

By Gary G. Kash (University of Illinois-Urbana, ‘71)

By Adam Levine

Andrew “Andy” C.  Dickson (WashU, ‘ 83)

To the Andy Dickson Scholarship

By Stephen M. Alpart  (WashU, ‘ 82)

By Stephen M. Emer (WashU, ‘83)

By Madeline Florence

By David P. Kleppel (WashU, ‘82)

Howard S. Dvorin (Rutgers, ‘57)

By Donald J. Blum (Rutgers, ‘57)

Joshua J. Eber (UC-San Diego, ‘98)

By Lon N. Nguyen (UC-San Diego, ‘95)

Michael Amir El-Far (Rutgers, ‘19)

By Jerry L. Conrey (Cal State-Fullerton, ‘84)

By Thomas M. Stremme (Rutgers, ‘85)

Judge Martin Feldman (Tulane, ‘52)

By Sidney W. Lassen (Tulane, ‘53)

Jarin F. Feldstein (UC-Berkeley, ‘60)

By Carole Feldstein

John Florence for his Birthday and Father’s Day

To the Andy Dickson Scholarship

By Elana Grissom

Charles E. Gettleman (Rutgers, ‘34)

To the Charles E. Gettleman Scholarship

By Lawrence Gettleman (Rutgers, ‘59)

Alfred M. Gladstein (Oklahoma, ‘24)

By Jay S. Gladstein (Texas-El Paso, ‘62)

Max Glauben 

By Marc E. Perlstein (North Texas, ‘71)

By David S. Rice (Illinois-Chicago, ‘83)

Robert and Lois Goldberg

By Chad A. Goldberg (Texas, ‘00)

Robert A. Goldstein (Rutgers, ‘59)

By Donald J. Blum (Rutgers, ‘57)

Harvey A. Gottlieb (Long Island, ‘58)

By Phyllis Gottlieb

Ron Granader

By Michael A. Rich (Ohio State, ‘63)

Thomas Edward Howe III (Miami OH, ‘17)

To the Tommy Howe III Memorial Scholarship

By Mary Pat and Mike Bitter

By Mu Psi Chapter Alumni & Friends

By Thomas E. and Ann Marie Howe 

By Marc Schneiderman (MiamiOH, ‘17)

Representative Tom Lantos (Washington, ’49)

By Nelson France (West Virginia, ‘06)

Richard M. Latkin (Columbia, ‘55)

By Stephen V. Berzok (Columbia, ‘57)

Martin “Marty” B.  Levinson (Texas, ‘84)

To the Marty Levinson Memorial Scholarship

J. Bradley Greenblum (Texas, ‘76)  

Seymour I. Marcus (Cornell, ‘49)

By Alan S. Harris (Cornell, ‘62)

Jerry Miller (Miami OH, ‘76)

By Wiliam L. Frischman (MiamiOH, ‘74)

Jerry Miller (Miami OH, ‘76)

To the Jerry Miller Scholarship

By Leland D. Manders (MiamiOH, ‘72)

Susan Leigh Morris

By Nicholas McLlellan (West Florida, ‘12)

Stanley R. Orsolek (Long Island, ‘66)

By Peter I. Livingston (Long Island, ‘63)

Sheldon Pedowitz

By Stephen V. Berzok (Columbia, ‘57)

Marvin Popeck (SUNY Buffalo, ‘55)

By Howard R. Rosenthal (NYU, ‘57)

Benjamin Raphan (Rochester, ‘57)

By Steven B. Oppen (Rochester, ‘64)

Mark S. Ratner (Minnesota, ‘81)

By Gerald A. Russ (Purdue, ‘55)

Jack “Rocky” Rogers (NC State, ‘74)

By Kimberly Davis

Allen M. Rosenthal (Buffalo, ‘55)

By Michael B. Schultz (Buffalo, ‘56)

Ralph Santiago (Brandeis, ‘93)

To the Ralph Santiago Memorial Scholarship

By Steven A. Wander (Brandeis, ‘93)

George J. Schwartz (Rutger, ‘57)

By Donald J. Blum (Rutgers, ‘57)

Jerome M. Skibell (Texas, ‘65)

By Norman F. Crandall (UC-Berkeley, ‘64)

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