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A Message from the Foundation President

Fifth Annual Day of Giving News

New Foundation Directors News

Foundation Updates

Honor & Memorial Gifts

Since our inception, the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation’s mission has been “to support the educational interests and activities of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, to furnish student aid, and to encourage and develop conduct and traits of character consistent with high morals, constructive citizenship, scholarship, leadership and community service.” 

To learn more about the foundation’s programs or to make a donation, go to

Message from the Foundation President

Written by Bob Weiss (Oklahoma, ’75), Foundation President

Get Involved with Your Foundation

Yes, your Foundation. The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is the Foundation that you helped create and sustain since 1944, with our very straightforward mission of being there for today’s Sigma Alpha Mu fratres to help with student aid, educational grants, and scholarships. Last year your Foundation provided more than 140 scholarships to deserving students through our annual Lawrence D. Schaffer Endowed Scholarship Program. In addition, 170 Guller Young Scholar Awards of $500 each were awarded to new Sigma Alpha Mu initiates who achieved a 3.75 or higher GPA during their candidate semester, thanks to our partnership with the Sidney & Bobette Guller Family Foundation. 

Your Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation has nineteen Directors all working towards the goal of increasing our financial base to be able to give out more scholarships and grants to our fratres. Each director has a position on an array of different committees including finance, grants, scholarships, investments, and legal. However, the committee that everyone participates in is our Development Committee, under the able leadership of Fra David Phillips. While we have an official committee of four directors, each one of us is also on this committee. 

Our strategic plan, which coincides with the Fraternity’s 2030 plan, outlines some aggressive goals of doubling the size of our Foundation’s impact by the end of this decade. We know we can accomplish this goal because every one of you understands what it means to be a Sammy. 

One way you can help us achieve our goal is to participate in the Foundation’s 5th Annual Day of Giving on April 27th, when Sammys everywhere will go online to give to the cause. Some people give as little as $10, others $100, $1,000 or more, but every dollar donated helps to support important educational programming for the Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. 

With your help, your Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation can say “yes” to more! 



Bob and his wife, Tammy live in Edmond, OK. They have two daughters, Nancy and Jennifer. Bob also serves as the Board President of the Jewish Federation of Greater Oklahoma City. 

Fifth Annual Day of Giving

Written by Kristi Tucker, Foundation Director of Annual Giving

Join us on Wednesday, April 27 for Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation’s Day of Giving! 2022 marks the 5th anniversary of this event which greatly benefits our young Sammy members. The funds raised from this event support leadership opportunities such as the Developing Leaders Initiative (DLI), the Chapter leaders Day (CLD), and more. 

The dollars raised from this event are so important to our organization! As unrestricted funds, the money not only supports leadership opportunities but can help support scholarships and grants too, helping to lift the financial burden of higher education from our young members. 

To invest in Sigma Alpha Mu’s future by making your tax-deductible donation, visit For questions, contact Kristi Tucker, Director of Annual Giving, at

A Special Thanks

A heartfelt thanks to Nathan Margolis (North Texas, ’73), former Foundation Director, who has already made a donation to Day of Giving 2022.

New Foundation Directors

Fra Nelson France
Fra Lawrence Wittels

The Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of two new directors to the board, Lawrence “Bud” Wittels, (WashU, ‘78) and Nelson France, (West Virginia, ‘06). Bud, a native and current resident of St. Louis, is an attorney with The Enterprise Law Group, whose practice focuses on business law, real estate, and commercial litigation. Bud’s other philanthropic involvement includes the Board of the St. Louis Jewish Community Center and past Board Chair of Washington University Hillel. 

Nelson France is a former member of the Octagon (2014 – 2016) and is a Founding Father of the Epsilon Theta Chapter at West Virginia. Nelson currently serves as Director of Partnerships and Development with Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM). Nelson previously held roles at the Jewish National Fund-USA and Israel on Campus Coalition. 

Welcome Fra Wittels and Fra France, and thank you for your willingness to serve! For a complete listing of the current Foundation Directors, visit

Foundation Updates

Written by Nancy Dietmeyer, Foundation Director of Programs and Administration

Scholarship Program News

The Guller Young Scholars Program is off to a strong start with 61 awards given so far this 2021-22 academic year to new initiates in good standing who achieved a 3.75 or higher GPA during their candidate semester. Those who qualify receive a certificate and a $500 check, thanks to the Sidney & Bobette Guller Family Foundation. The Guller Young Scholar Award was established in 2001 by the late Sidney H. Guller, (WashU, ‘43) past Supreme Prior and Foundation Director. To date, 1,562 Sammy fratres have received the Guller Young Scholar Award, for a total of $581,700 in awards. More information about the program is on our website here: 

More than 200 applications were submitted for the 2021-22 Lawrence D. Schaffer Endowed Scholarship Program for Sammy undergraduates, graduates, and several non-members scholarships. The Scholarship Selection Committee will announce the 2022 recipients in May, with awards projected to total over $160K. 

New Scholarship & Grant Funds

Loyal fratres and friends of Sigma Alpha Mu have created the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Fund, which will be used to provide an annual scholarship as well as funding for chapters to promote and educate members on these principles. Grants can support activities such as educational programming, workshops, and community projects. 

Alumni and friends of the Gamma Epsilon Chapter at the University of Illinois-Chicago have come together to establish the Sean P. Daly Memorial Scholarship Fund, in memory of their brother and friend, Sean P. Daly (UIC, ‘95), who passed away in 2021. Sean was a beloved teacher, coach, and caring friend who touched many lives. 

Donations to these funds or others can be made online (note the name of the fund in the “please apply my gift to” field) at, or by mailing a check with the fund name on the memo line to SAM Foundation, 8701 Founders Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46268, Attn: Nancy Dietmeyer. Questions? email

Honor & Memorial Gifts

May 2021 through February 2022

Contributions to the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation can be made in memory of fratres, family, and friends, and to honor living members. These gifts help to further the Foundation’s educational initiatives to benefit our student fratres. For more information or to make a gift, please go to For questions or corrections, contact Nancy Dietmeyer at or Kristi Tucker at


Zoe Aronoff 

By Stuart B. Aronoff (UC-Berkeley, ‘51) 

Brothers Who Are First Responders 

By Alan C. Thomas (Pennsylvania, ‘78) 

Jerry L. Conrey (UC-Fullerton, ‘84) 

& The World Champion LA Rams 

By James Ryan Robertson (Cincinnati, ‘93) 

Delta Theta Alumni 

By Yovan Kumar (Stony Brook, ‘15) 

Delta Theta Chapter 

By Yovan Kumar (Stony Brook, ‘15) 

Madeline Florence 

On her birthday 

To the Andy Dickson Memorial Scholarship 

By Elana Grissom 

Charles B. Fox (Ohio State, ‘50) 

By Patricia H. Caruso 

Corey A. Gold (CSU-Fullerton, ‘84) 

By Steven D. Leventhal (CSU-Fullerton, ‘84) 

Daniel A. Grossberg (Miami OH, ‘84) 

By Nathan C. Margolis (North Texas, ‘73) 

Marlene & Bennett Harte 

By John C. Harte (Pennsylvania, ‘82) 

IDEA Workgroup 

To the IDEA Fund 

By Andrew J. Huston (Minnesota, ‘01) 

Clarence & Carrie Kartzman 

By Sanford I. Kartzman (Pennsylvania, ‘65) 

Alan G. Kaye (Tulane, ‘87) 

By Jerome K. Porter (UC-Berkeley, ‘51) 

Harvey A. Lash (Wayne State, ‘59) 

By Steven M. Lash (Wayne State, ‘62)

Myles P. Lash (Wayne State, ‘65) 

By Steven M. Lash (Wayne State, ‘62)

Leland D. Manders (Miami OH, ‘72) 

By Alan S. Greenberg (Michigan, ‘57) 

By Michael A. O’Neal (Miami OH, ‘72) 

Mu Phi Chapter 

By Arleigh Marvin Grossman (UC-Boulder, ‘53) 

The Octagon 

To the IDEA Fund 

By Andrew J. Huston (Minnesota, ‘01) 

Dennis G. Paese (Cornell, ‘70) 

By Matthew A. Sloan (Cornell, ‘10)

Evan A. Remer (Texas, ‘02) 

By Margo Gold 

James Ryan Robertson (Cincinnati, ‘93) 

For Twenty-seven years of Sigma Alpha Mu Service 

By Nathan Margolis (North Texas, ‘73) 

Richard L. Ruby (Michigan State, ‘65) 

By Glenn A. Saltsman (Michigan State, ‘89) 

ΣAM 2030 

To the IDEA Fund 

By Andrew J. Huston (Minnesota, ‘01)

ΣAM Staff 

To the IDEA Fund 

By Andrew J. Huston (Minnesota, ‘01)

David K. Sergi (Texas A&M, ‘82) 

By Michael Abraham 

Robert S. Weiss (Oklahoma, ‘75) 

To the IDEA Fund 

By Andrew Huston (Minnesota, ‘01) 

The Wise Boys of Mu Theta 

To the Mu Theta Educational Fund 

By Jerry M. Wise (UCLA, ‘84) 

In Memory of

Joel R. Baker (Brooklyn, ‘57) 

By Joel R. Baron (Brooklyn, ‘57) 

Kenneth A. Benjamin (Wayne State, ‘62) 

By Daniel T. Berkley (Wayne State, ‘66) 

Alvin W. Cohn (Cincinnati, ‘53) 

By Ronald S. Katch (Illinois, ‘51) 

By Stanley M. Lefco (Virginia, ‘68) 

By Marc E. Perlstein (North Texas, ‘71) 

By Ira F. Selss (Rochester, ‘74) 

By Richard H. Williamson (NC State, ‘60)

Sean P. Daly (Illinois-Chicago, ‘95) 

To the Sean P. Daly Memorial Scholarship Fund 

By Michael I. Farr (IL-Chicago, ‘96) 

By Christopher Ferrer (IL-Chicago, ‘04) 

By James A. Newton (IL-Chicago, ‘95) 

By David S. Rice (IL-Chicago, ‘83) 

By Joseph W. Scharnak (IL-Chicago, ‘01) 

By David B. Sosin (IL-Chicago, ‘70) 

Andrew C. Dickson (WashU, ‘83) 

To the Andy Dickson Memorial Scholarship Fund 

By Stephen M. Alpart (WashU, ‘82) 

By Steven Jacoby 

By David P. Kleppel (WashU, ‘82) 

Harlean and Brian Elkins 

To the Mu Theta Educational Fund 

By Brett Elkins (USC, ‘85) 

Eden S. Feldstein (Ohio State, ‘61) 

By Suzanne Davis 

Howard R. Flaster (Buffalo, ‘60) 

By Marvin J. Glockner (Buffalo, ‘60)

Ross M. Garfinkel (Illinois, ‘10) 

By Jerry M. Wise (UCLA, ‘84) 

Marshall M. Gelfand (Syracuse, ‘45) 

By Bernie Fine (Syracuse, ‘64) 

By Gilbert R. Herer (Syracuse, ‘50) 

By H. Lewis Rapaport (Syracuse, ‘56) 

Sidney M. Guller (Washington, MO, ‘43) 

By James N. Guller (Pennsylvania, ‘81) 

By Robert A. Rosenthal (Missouri, ‘50)

James C. Hammerstein (Baruch, ‘15) 

By Sanford M. Goldstein (Baruch, ‘65) 

Bernard M. Hoffman (Brooklyn, ‘57) 

By Joel R. Baron (Brooklyn, ‘57) 

James S. Hurwitz (Washington, MO, ‘57) 

By Elizabeth Hurwitz 

Kenneth N. Ishida (UC-Berkeley, ‘96) 

By Derrick D. Chi (UC-Berkeley, ‘96) 

Anne Janco 

By David A. Janco (Texas, ‘01)

Gary M. Kirkorian (USC, ‘72) 

To the Mu Theta Educational Fund 

By Brian A. Newman (USC, ‘72) 

Howard Levinsky (Wisconsin, ‘69) 

By Dean B. Zemel (Wisconsin, ‘69) 

Martin (Marty) B. Levinson (Texas, ‘84) 

To the Marty Levinson Memorial Scholarship Fund 

By J. Bradley Greenblum (Texas, ‘76) 

By Jeffrey B. Kushen (Texas, ‘83) 

By Florence Levinson 

By Ilene Levinson

Jeffrey S. Levy (Texas, ‘81) 

To the Jeff Levy Sigma Theta Scholarship Fund 

By Jessica Meyer & Mike Meyer 

William G. Levy (Louisville, ‘48) 

By Alan B. Levy (Miami OH, ‘72) 

By Bruce J. Tasch (Miami OH, ‘74) 

Jerry Miller (Miami OH, ‘76) 

By Benjamin E. Cahen (Miami OH, ‘01) 

By Jak L. Groedel (Miami OH, ‘13)

Howard N. Misle (Texas, ‘76) 

By Richard B. Horn (Texas, ‘76) 

Kevin E. Murphy (Rutgers, ‘70) 

By Jay J. Rice (Rutgers, ‘71) 

Allen M. Rosenthal (Buffalo, ‘55) 

By Michael B. Schultz (Buffalo, ‘56) 

Ralph Santiago (Brandeis, ‘93) 

To the Ralph Santiago Memorial Scholarship Fund 

By Steven A. Wander (Brandeis, ‘93) 

Jonathan A. Schmidt (Stony Brook, ‘06) 

To the Delta Theta Educational Fund 

By Yovan Kumar (Stony Brook, ‘15) 

Terry W. Schnell (Texas, ‘66) 

By Phillip G. Brant (Texas, ‘67) 

William P. Schwartz (Oklahoma, ‘50) 

By Sanford M. Goldstein (Baruch, ‘65)

Joseph M. Siegman (Illinois, ‘53) 

By Ronald S. Katch (Illinois, ‘51) 

Martin E. Sodomsky (Manitoba, ‘55) 

By Kenneth F. Sodomsky (Manitoba, ‘52)

James Stephanoff 

By Joel L. Altman (Michigan State, ‘62) 

Lee Eric Wolkowitz 

By Edward M. Wolkowitz (CSU-Northridge, ‘68) 

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