Home for Life

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In the heart of bustling university life, amidst lectures, exams, and social events, there exists Sammy, a beacon of warmth and camaraderie, creating a home away from home for its members. This is where bonds are forged, memories are made, and support was found. They were a family, always there for one another.

Whether celebrating triumphs or consoling each other during tough times, their unwavering support made the fraternity feel like a sanctuary of understanding and acceptance. Within our fraternity, rituals, and traditions further solidified the sense of belonging. From weekly gatherings to game nights and philanthropic events, every occasion was an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between Sammys. 

The shared experiences became ingrained in their identities as the fraternity became woven into the fabric of their college lives. Through the challenges and triumphs of college life, this fraternity became a refuge from the pressures of the outside world. It was a place where dreams were nurtured, talents were discovered, and ambitions were supported. The fraternity transformed into more than just a physical location; it became a state of mind—a sense of belonging and homecoming that would remain etched in the hearts of its members long after graduation. #Sammys4Life

I joined Sammy because I had the feeling of being welcomed and socially accepted. It offered me a new start, and they were a very welcoming group. It gave me a home base at school.

Paul Leber, PE (Drexel, ’79)

I was living away from home. We were all different guys, but in a place at the same time together. We accepted each other. To me, Sammy means family connection. My youngest son, became a Sammy, too.

Steve Leeds (Penn State, ’64)

There were a lot of fraternities at UCLA, but this one, in particular, had cohesiveness and diversity. Everyone seemed unified, and we were vibing on the same wavelength. I felt at home the minute I walked in.

Tommy Harrington (UCLA, ’88)

To me, Sammy means a place that will always be my home. No matter where I go and where I form relationships that will be with me for the rest of my life.

Stan Zolek (Northeastern, ’90)

At the end of the day, I’d always have a place to go home to. There were people to do things with, and experiences to make memories and enjoy forever.

Jacob Timmins (Alabama, ‘16)

It taught me good organizational skills, like running a meeting, that I used daily. Sammy was like a family away from home. I remember ending up in the hospital surrounded by fraternity brothers.

Paul Todd (West Florida, ’05)