SAM 2030

We look forward to delivering more of the ΣAM 2030 Plan in Spring 2021 to help the international fraternity, local chapters, and our constituents rally together to achieve the success that we know is critical to sustaining the fraternity for years to come. 

A 2-page overview of the plan is now available. Click the PDF Images to view and download.

The committee continues to engage stakeholders in this process to develop a successful strategy and vision. It is their goal to honor our past while transforming our future. 

Strategic Planning Committee Members

Chm. Ira Rubenstein (UCSD, ’86) 

Evan Remer (Texas, ‘02) 

Jerry Conrey (CSU-Fullerton, ‘84) 

Dean Lambert (Nebraska, ‘82) 

Mike Taylor (UCSD, ‘86) 

Ken Schneider (Chapman, ’10) 

Jerry Goldberg (Pittsburgh, ’85) 

Brad Unger (Lehigh, ‘94) 

Andy Huston (Minnesota, ‘01)