Sammy Expansion

Written by Jerred McCormick, Director of Growth

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Growth and expansion are in full swing for Sigma Alpha Mu and the growth team. Since joining headquarter staff in November 2021, I have had the opportunity of connecting with numerous alumni and student leaders at various campuses. I was fortunate enough to inherit a team of outstanding members to work with, but I also get the pleasure of watching them interact and develop leaders throughout their growth and expansion efforts at various levels. 

Fall 2021 Expansion Efforts 

Syracuse University was the primary focus of the Fall 2021 expansion efforts led by Growth Consultant Uri Nathan (JWU/URI, ‘19). I have had the opportunity to connect with Grant Hamilton (Eta, ‘21) who currently serves as Prior. Grant is a senior Industrial and Interaction design major with a minor in entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises. As a senior returning for a 5th year, Grant was excited for the opportunity to shine as a leader among not only his peers but within the existing Greek community at Syracuse. Since the summer, Grant had expressed interest in this opportunity to restart a new era of Eta at Syracuse and be a pillar within the Greek community. Since their initiation, Grant has been leading efforts at Syracuse to bring Eta into the spotlight and they have since recruited a 14-member class, doubling their numbers since initiation. 

Current Expansion Efforts 

Current expansion efforts include; the University of Illinois (Rho) and Georgia Southern (Epsilon Rho) Chapters. The expansion process has been a group effort led by Armando Rijo (Growth Consultant), Uri, and myself. The growth team has identified Founding Fathers at both institutions. 

At Urbana-Champaign, we secured 7 outstanding leaders from Evanston, IL who were ready to step up and make a difference at the University of Illinois and within the Rho Chapter. Ironically enough, more than half the group have been friends for over a decade, growing up together throughout their grade school years. 

They are excited to establish their presence on campus and create change in the community. Specifically, they have engaged within the Chabad and tackled local and state-wide food insecurities as their community service/philanthropic focus. Ethan Morady, a legacy to Sam Morady (Illinois, ‘16) and Uncle Micheal Zaidman (Nebraska, ‘89), has worked with the group from the beginning to gather momentum on campus and bring the greatness back to the University. 

Sophomore Sam Moscovitch has taken on the leadership role of Prior and is ready to utilize his leadership skills of being a small business owner from the greater Chicago area and guide the group to success. Weeks before their initiation the group brought on three more members to add to the Founding Fathers group. 

Georgia Southern University: 

Southern Sammys has been an amazing growth project for the Growth Team. From IFC Recruitment to a large email blast to the university population, we were able to secure 4 gentlemen to attend the mini-recruitment week hosted by HQ and invite them to the organization. With vast personalities in the group, there is a lot of opportunity for collaboration with the greater Statesboro community to make Sigma Alpha Mu great at GSU. With new leaders taking leadership roles at Georgia Southern, they hope to bring a new wave of Fraternity Men on campus as individuals who do not need to flaunt anything but genine personalities and good moral character. We are excited to coach them throughout the remainder of the spring semester and summer to be a top-performing chapter on the Georgia Southern campus. 

Interest Groups 

I have had the pleasure of connecting with three interest groups; Johnson & Wales University (Epsilon Delta), Western Michigan University (Delta Nu), and Florida State University. The growth team has continued to connect with these gentlemen to get a better assessment of their interests and intentions. We have made it a priority to connect with each respective Fraternity and Sorority Office during campus visits or schedule virtual meetings via Zoom. We were given the opportunity to present for expansion at Johnson & Wales University and are currently waiting to hear back on expansion and recognition. With an interest group of 16 men, we are eager to hear back from the University. Western Michigan University has 4 gentlemen interested in rechartering the Delta Nu Chapter and I am currently connecting with the university administration for possible expansion efforts. Florida State University has an interest group of 4-5 gentlemen with an in-person scheduled visit for early April. 

Future Expansion Efforts 

Can you feel the excitement in the air for Sigma Alpha Mu? We are working with campus administrations for the upcoming academic year (2022-2023): 

Ohio State University (Sigma Beta) 

Fall 2022 

Cornell University (Beta) 

Fall 2022 – Spring 2023 

North Carolina State Univ. (Sigma Omega) Spring 2023 

University of Rochester (Mu Rho) 

Spring 2023 

University of Michigan (Sigma Iota) 

Spring 2023 

If you are looking for ways to get involved in any way and at any chapter for the upcoming academic year, do not hesitate to reach out. 

Navigating through the pandemic has challenged us all and the basic operations of Sigma Alpha Mu Chapters were no exception. As we look forward to the growth of our organization in alignment with our vision, it’s important to celebrate the incredible victories of the last year. In addition to now having over 145 certified recruiters and our chapters recording 73% usage and implementation of ChapterBuilder, these and other recruitment successes would not be possible without the support of advisors and the determination of our outstanding undergraduate leaders. 

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