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Licensed Vendors

Sigma Alpha Mu works with many licensed vendors. Click one of the links to the left to find a vendor suitable for your project! Affinity Consultants works with Sigma Alpha Mu to ensure that their names and logos are not used on any products or designs that glorify alcohol, hazing, racism, sexism, or any other images that are offensive or hurtful to others. It is very easy for you to support Sigma Alpha Mu mission and values when you buy officially licensed products. You can purchase a wide array of quality products from an assortment of trusted vendors through the Find Greek.

Get a Quote

Get a quote for Official Sigma Alpha Mu Merchandise. Sigma Alpha Mu has teamed up with officially licensed vendors to bring you unprecedented access to high-quality custom products for your next chapter function or event.  Use this system to get a quote from multiple licensed vendors at once for larger events and orders!  Good luck with your upcoming event!

Our Licensing Program

The Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity is the exclusive owner of Sigma Alpha Mu trademarks, and it is our legal duty to protect them. In order to preserve the heritage of our name and to maintain ownership of our trademarks, we have a licensing program in place to monitor their use.

The Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity recognizes certain vendors as “Authorized Licensed Vendors” of products or merchandise bearing the Fraternity’s name or symbols. These vendors work in cooperation with the Fraternity’s professional staff to develop and market ΣΑΜ products and services that reflect our Fraternity’s values.

Sigma Alpha Mu partners with Affinity Consultants to administer licenses, and we are always looking for new quality vendors to add to our program.  If you are interested in becoming licensed to sell Sigma Alpha Mu products, you can find more information here.

Trademark Memo

Please refer to our Branding & Standards page for trademark usage.

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