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Meet Bob Weiss: 2020-2021 ΣAM Foundation President

As a successful owner of several businesses, including three restaurants, and also a community leader, Bob Weiss (Oklahoma, ‘75) knows a lot about juggling plates. Bob served as Supreme Exchequer on the Octagon (‘97-’98), Foundation Director ( ‘08 -present), and Foundation Vice President (‘18-20).  

When deciding to start with the Foundation, Fra Weiss shared, “Bill Schwartz (Oklahoma, ‘50) asked me to join the board. Our special relationship formed as we are both from Oklahoma City and alumni of the Sigma Alpha Chapter.”

“In 1974, I was at the University of Oklahoma and working as a house boy at the Sigma Delta Tau sorority which was struggling on our campus. During a house meeting, they called for me and said, “ Bob, Jewish sororities are not doing well and we were wondering if you had any ideas.” I responded, “Yes, you need a Jewish fraternity and I can start it! ” The next day I spoke for the first time with Bill Schwartz at the Sigma Alpha Mu Headquarters.  He said, “I’ll be down there in two days.”   When he arrived, we connected immediately as we knew a lot of the same people, and successfully restarted the chapter. 

It only happens to people a few times when someone walks into your life and changes it forever.  Sitting in my dorm room when the phone rang and the voice at the other end said, Hello I am Bill Schwartz. While I just met him, it was like we were friends for years. He asked me if I would help reactivate Sigma Alpha Chapter at the University of Oklahoma. From the first time I spoke with Bill to the last day he had on this earth, I never said no to him. If Bill Schwartz asked, it was something important that will help someone else. I never met a person that was more motivated to help others. The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is set for that purpose. My involvement with the SAM Foundation continues to be an honor and memory of a person who taught me the real meaning of Brotherhood.

Bob and his wife, Tammy live in Edmond, OK. They have two daughters, Nancy and Jennifer. Bob also serves as the Board President of the Jewish Federation of Greater Oklahoma City. 

A letter from the Foundation President, Bob

Change is not uncommon and if you are not moving forward, you are moving backward because change is constant.  There comes a time in every organization when a shift of its professional staff or volunteers is more than the usual.  In 2020, the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation made that kind of change.  

Fra Hanno Mott (Cincinnati, ‘52) completed his service as Foundation President (2008-2020).   He will stay on as a Foundation Director, which he has served since 1994, to ensure a smooth transition to the new officers taking over the reins of the Foundation. The Foundation also transferred the role of Foundation Treasurer from Fra Ron Katch (Illinois, ‘51), who served since 2008, to Fra Aaron Girson (Western Michigan, ‘92), most recently Assistant Treasurer. Ron offered the role a level of professionalism, dedication, and fraternal love. We cannot thank both of these gentlemen enough for their years of service! As a Foundation Director, Ron will also remain on the Foundation Board.

I would also like to recognize two other directors that recently left the board after many years. Harv Weisblat (Texas, ‘64) and Nathan Margolis (North Texas, ‘73) both served on the Foundation for many years. Both gentlemen were very active on committees.  Both Harv and Nathan were the first to donate their time and money to every sponsored Foundation project. While stepping down from the board, both fratres have both pledged to support the Foundation moving forward. Thank you both.

This year our professional staff changed as well. Our Annual Appeal Director, Kathy Garland, retired this past year. Kathy will be missed, and we wish her and her husband much happiness as they transition to their new retirement life.   We welcomed Kristi Tucker to the position of Annual Appeal Coordinator. Kristi comes to us with all the right qualifications and has already hit the ground running. 

Our other Foundation staff member, Nancy Dietmeyer, has moved from part-time to a full-time position as Director of Programs & Administration where she continues to work to expand and strengthen our scholarship and grant programs.

As everyone knows, we lost one of our Fraternity/Foundation pillars of Sigma Alpha Mu, Sidney Guller. Words cannot nor will not ever describe the love this man had for SAM. Not only did he never say no to a request, more times than not, but it was also his idea on how to help today’s undergraduate. The Guller Young Scholars Program that bears his name will forever be a reminder of what a great legacy and role model for all of us to follow.

With two directors stepping down and the vacant seats from the passing of Fra Guller, the Foundation will be adding a few directors. The first new Director of the Foundation is Nate Locklin. We know that his knowledge will be an asset to our board.

We welcome the new staff and board members to join with the current group to help steer the ever-changing Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation towards the strategic plan of SAM 2030. This partnership with Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity will lay the groundwork to ensure more scholarships and educational programming for the future.  It is the responsibility of Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation to raise, invest, and distribute money that will provide educational funding for our new members to help them reach their potential. If you would like to help with this endeavor by making a contribution to the Foundation, please contact Kristi Tucker at or calling her at 317-536-8953. Please help us achieve our goals. It’s all about Sigma Alpha Mu of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

Meet the New Director, Nate Locklin (Psi, ’98)

The Foundation welcomes Nate Locklin as our newest Director. Nate (Pittsburgh, ‘98) is an advisor for the Psi Chapter and is the Secretary and Treasurer of the Psi Chapter House Corporation. He also serves as the President of the Board of Directors for North Hills Community Outreach, an interfaith community organization that operates several food pantries and provides financial assistance and counseling through a wide variety of programs for people experiencing poverty and hardship in the Pittsburgh area. In his new role, Nate stated that he would like, “to do everything I can to help ensure that there is never a financial reason for someone to miss out on the fraternal experience. I encourage undergraduate fraters to support the Foundation through the Golden Bronze Society to help provide mutual moral aid and support for their fellow fraters and to support the educational programming of the fraternity.”

Lawrence D. Schaffer Endowed Scholarship Program – 2021 Applications Are Now Open!

The 2021 application will open online in late November with more than 120 scholarships available for undergraduate and graduate members, as well as some scholarships for non-members. More information here:

The Ira Lind Society for Planned Giving

Established in 2003, The Ira Linda Society is for alumni and friends who include the ΣAM Foundation in their estate planning. Are you interested in making a planned gift? See our website for more information:

Contributions to the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible. For more information and to make a gift, go to

2021 Foundation Day of Giving is April 28!

Honor and Memorial Contributions May 2020 to December 2020


Bernard L. Dave (Cincinnati, ’43)
By David S. Rice (Illinois-Chicago, ‘83)

Andrew C. Dickson (Washington University MO, ’83)
To the Andy Dickson Memorial Scholarship
By Elana Grissom
By Stephen M. Alpart (Washington University MO, ’82)

Harlean Elkins
By Brett Elkins (USC, ‘85)

Sheila Fernandez
By Donald L. Fernandez (UCLA, ’57)

John Florence
To the Andy Dickson Memorial Scholarship
By Elana Grissom

George Floyd
For the Advancement of Fraternal Values
By Joel R. Permison (Texas, ’63)

Norman D. Freid, M.D. (Tulane, ’60)
By Barbara Freid

Ross M. Garfinkel (Illinois, ‘10)
By Michael D. Zaidman (Nebraska, ’89)

Charles E. Gettleman (Rutgers, ’34)
To the Charles E. Gettleman Memorial Scholarship
By Eric D. Gerst (Rutgers, ’59)
By The Hon. Robert Gettleman
By Walter D. Le Vine (Rutgers, ’59)
By Stuart N. Novack (Rutgers, ’59)
By Howard M. Phillips (Rutgers, ’58)
By Harlan J. Sauer (Rutgers, ’60)
By Marshall R. Sherman (Rutgers, ’61)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
By Chad A. Goldberg (Texas, ’00)

Helen Goldberg
By Herbert S. Goldberg (North Carolina State, ‘48)

Gary I. Gotlieb (Texas, ’86)
To the Gary Gotlieb Memorial Scholarship
By Martin A. Shellist (Texas, ’86)

Sidney H. Guller (Washington MO, ’43)
By Jacob W. Reby (Washington MO, ’65)
By Richard H. Williamson (North Carolina State, ’60)

And In Honor of Sidney’s Birthday
By David Brooks (Rutgers, ’87)
By David S. Rice (Illinois-Chicago, ’83)

To the Bobbi & Sidney Guller Leadership Development Fund
By Harvey M. Brown (Washington MO, ’45)
By Aaron M. Girson (Western Michigan, ’92)
By Phillip I. Glauben (North Texas, ‘73)
By Oscar I. Goldberg (Washington Mo, ’48)
By Daniel A. Grossberg (Miami OH, ’84)
By Rosanne S. Horan
By Scott H. Kaplan (Washington MO, ’69)
By Ronald S. Katch (Illinois, ’51)
By Stanley M. Lefco (Virginia, ’68)
By Jeffrey G. Mandel (Washington MO, ’61)
By Nathan C. Margolis (North Texas, ’73)
By Tracy Klevens More
By Roy M. Neulicht (North Carolina State, ’69)
By Marc E. Perlstein (North Texas, ’71)
By David H. Phillips (Ohio State, 80)
By Fred S. Seigel (Washington MO, ’61)
By Theta Chi Fraternity
By Edward H. Rosenwasser, Jr. (Texas, ’83)
By Stephen R. Shapiro (MO, ’60)
By Alan C. Thomas (Pennsylvania, ‘78)
By Dinah Thompson
By Robert S. Weiss (Oklahoma, ’75)
By Lawrence B. Wittels (Washington MO, ’78)

Jimmy Hammerstein (Baruch, 1915)
By Sanford M. Goldstein (Baruch, ‘65)
B. Jeffrey Katz (Case Western Reserve, ’62)
By Fred L. Forman (Case Western Reserve, ’62)

Adam Dean Lambert
By Dean A. Lambert (Nebraska, ’82)

Howie Levinsky (Wisconsin, ’69)
By Dean B. Zemel (Wisconsin, ’69)

Martin (Marty) B. Levinson (Texas, ‘84)
To the Marty Levinson Memorial Scholarship
By Steve A. Albert (Texas, ’78)
By Joel H. Alperson (Texas, ’78)
By Andrew N. Baum (Texas, ’01)
By Max F. Beleck (Texas, ’01)

By Joshua H. Berger (Texas, ’11)
By Zachary W. Berger (Texas, ’13)
By Jason Berkowitz (Texas, ’00)
By Joshua A. Berlin (Texas, ’05)
By Howard L. Bernstein (Texas, ’71)
By Eric B. Binder (Texas, ’14)
By Evan R. Bookstaff (Texas, ’07)
By Mitchell L. Bradley (Texas, ’15)
By Cory P. Brenner (Texas, ’98)
By Aaron S. Brotman (Texas, ’02)
By Jason H. Busch (Texas, ’04)
By Brandon K. Chicotsky (Texas, ’03)
By Justin Cohen (Texas, ’02)
By Jordon M. Coff (Texas, ’16)
By Blake A. Coleman (Texas, ’11)
By Ryan Collins (Texas, ’00)
By Rodney J. Coplin (Texas, ’84)
By Paul Danziger (Texas, ’85)
By Joshua R. Daum (Texas, ’14)
By Jeffrey D. Diebner (Texas, ’85)
By Jeffry M. Donosky (Texas, ’84)
By Joshua R. Daum (Texas, ’14)
By Jordan B. Dubin (Texas, ’02)
By Corey E. Egan (Texas, ’01)
By Adam C. Epstein (Texas, ‘07)
By Allen M. Feltman (Texas, ’72)
By Brian S. Feiwell (Texas, ’05)
By Keith E. Fern (Texas, ’86)
By William Finkelstein (Texas, ’68)
By Mark S. Fishkind (Texas, ’80)
By Jeffrey A. Franco (Texas, ’09)
By Scott A. Frankel (Texas, ’84)
By Joshua Frankl (Texas, ’13)
By Eric Galanti (Texas, ’02)
By Brandon R. Gabay (Texas, ’12)
By Matthew D. Gabay (Texas, ’79)
By Jonathan S. Gansell (Texas, ‘86)
By Michael I. Garber (Texas, ’01)
By Gary S. Gerson (Texas, ’79)
By Jeffrey H. Gilbert (Texas, ’01)
By Mathew M. Gimble (Texas, ’85)
By Jacqueline Glazer
By Kenneth E. Goldberg (Texas, ’72)
By Hilton N. Goldreich (Texas, ’85)
By Larry E. Golman (Texas, ’50)
By David H. Goodman (Texas, ’84)
By Lawrence J. Gordon (Texas, ’84)
By Justin P. Green (Texas, ’00)
By Robert F. Greenblum (Texas, ’82)
By Drew Gressett
By Shane R. Grodin (Texas, ’07)
By Brian W. Hain (Texas, ’98)
By Adam P. Helsinger (Texas,
By Jacob E. Herstein (Texas, ’15)
By Scott M. Herstein (Texas, ’80)
By Jeffrey M. Hoppenstein (Texas, ’83)
By Andrew Hoechstetter (Texas, ’87)
By Charles Hylan

By David Janco (Texas, ’01)
By Ryan M. Kagan (Texas, ’98)
By Jeffrey H. Karchmer (Texas, ’84)
By Benjamin Katz (Texas, ’05)
By Gregory D. Kelminson (Texas, ’02)
By Rick B. Klotz (Texas, ’82)
By Benjamin S. Kogut (Texas, ’01)
By Amber Kousky
By John J. Krass (Texas, ’83)
By Jeffrey B. Kushen (Texas, ’83)
By Jake C. Lapin (Texas, ’12)
By Morris A. Landau (Texas, ’85)
By Craig Lawrence (Texas, ’87)
By Harold P. Laves (Texas, ’58)
By Benjamin D. Lemmons (Texas, ’71)
By Brian A. Leventhal (Texas, ’11)
By Jeremiah R. Leventhal (Texas, ’14)
By Barry & Mindy Levinson
By Brandon & Brett Levinson
By Florence Levinson
By Ilene Levinson
By Jay E. Levy (Texas, ’84)
By Howard Lipshutz (Texas, ’78)
By Brett Lusky (Texas, ’05)
By Jeremy S. Mack (Texas, ’98)
By Randall A. Maltz (Texas, ’88)
By Leland D. Manders (Miami OH, ’72)
By Justin E. Maio (Texas, ’05)
By Ari B. Margolies (Texas, ’13)
By Max N. Markowitz (Texas, ’05)
By Craig Mellman
By Morry Mitrani (Texas, ’10)
By Andrew L. Much (Texas, ’84)
By Mark L. Newfeld (Texas, ’84)
By Alan Nirenberg
By Daniel S. Novick (Texas, ’01)
By David A. Nudleman (Texas, ’79)
By William A. Orlansky (Texas, ’02)
By Adam Olansky (Texas, ’11)
By Michael Pappert (Texas, ’78)
By Wayne L. Pappert (Texas, ’79)
By Joshua D. Posner (Texas, ’13)
By Benjamin H. Proler (Texas, ’09)
By Tommy G. Rash (Texas, ’13)
By David M. Rassinger (Texas, ’09)
By Evan A. Remer (Texas, ’02)
By Jeffrey E. Robinson (Texas, ’73)
By Steven A. Rosenblum (Texas, ’86)
By Daniel E. Rothstein (Texas, ’02)
By Jeffrey R. Rovinsky (Texas, ’01)
By Mark A. Rubin (Texas, ’87)
By Howard A. Rubine (Texas, ’81)
By Scott D. Rubinsky (Texas, ’03)
By Mark H. Samuels (Texas, ’82)
By Corey J. Schneider (Texas, ’12)
By Elaine & Allen Schuster (Texas, ’62)
By Andrew G. Segall (Texas, ’89)
By Susan Shifreen

By Barry L. Shulkin (Texas, ’72)
By David A. Siegman (Texas, ’05)
By Benjamin W. Silvermintz (Texas, ’02)
By Marc M. Smith (Texas, ’84)
By Kevin D. Solka (Texas, ’11)
By Robert G. Solomon (Texas, ’81)
By Chad M. Sour (Texas, ’01)
By Marc D. Spier (Texas, ’84)
By Samuel K. Spier (Texas, ’14)
By Zachary A. Stern (Texas, ’06)
By Daniel L. Steiner (Texas, ’84)
By Craig F. Teller (Texas, ’84)
By Benjamin M. Tenenholtz (Texas, ’01)
By Gordon H. Thal (Texas, ’10)
By Yevgeny Tunitsky (Texas, ’06)
By Evan M. Varadi (Texas, ’07)
By David Weinberg (Texas, ’87)
By Jeffrey L. Weinstein (Texas, ’80)
By Harv & Jolene Weisblat (Texas, ’64)
By Marion Wells
By Steven M. Winograd (Texas, ’87)
By Bradley M. Wolf (Texas, ’14)
By Kenneth Wolf
By Barry S. Wolfson (Texas, ’78)
By Alexander Yudovich (Texas, ’02)
By Ryan G. Zimmerman (Texas, ’11)

David Anthony Litvin (Drexel, 65)
By Walter E. Shepherd (Drexel, ‘65)

Neil Benjamin Peller, cherished son
By Michael D. Peller (Pittsburgh, ‘62)

Allen M. Rosenthal (University at Buffalo, ’65)
By Michael B. Shultz (University at Buffalo, ’66)

Ralph Santiago (Brandeis, ’93)
To the Ralph Santiago Memorial Scholarship
By Alison Ambeault
By John R. Abercombie (Brandeis, 97)
By Dan P. Berlin (Brandeis, ’96)
By Kenneth A. Douville (Brandeis, ’96)
By Richard M. Lew (Brandeis, ’93)
By Jeffrey Radlin
By Jillan Sacket
By Brent J. Simon (Brandeis, ’97)
By Ethan M. Susskind (Brandeis, ’93)
By Steven A. Wander (Brandeis, ’93)

Jonathan A. Schmidt (Stony Brook, ’06)
To the Delta Theta Educational Fund
By Yovan Kumar (Stony Brook, ’15)

Bill Schwartz (Oklahoma, ’44)
ΣAM Executive Director Emeritus

By David K. Sergi (Texas A & M, ’82)
By David L. Westol

Carl Sims (Kentucky Wesleyan, ‘09)
By John P. Glover (Kentucky Wesleyan, ‘99)

Norman A. Zable (Southern Methodist, ‘56)
By Phillip I. Glauben (North Texas, ‘73)

Stanley M. Zimmerman (UCLA, ‘50)
By Richard E. Gould (UCLA, ’49)


A Promise To Do Good For The World We Live In
By Kylo S. Hicks (Beta Omega, ’17)

Clifford P. Chudler (Wayne State, ‘53)
By Miles A. Hurwitz (Wayne State, ‘55)

Barry M. Epstein (Purdue, 58)
By Joseph M. Alpert (Indiana, ‘57)

Madeline F. Florence
To the Andy Dickson Memorial Scholarship Fund
By Elana Grissom

Russell S. Golkow, MD (Pennsylvania, ‘72)
By Dr. James W. Farer (Pennsylvania, ‘50)

Bradley Greenblum (Texas, ’76)
To the Marty Levinson Memorial Scholarship
By Scott A. Grogin (Texas, ’76)

Alex Hart, ΣAM Director of Growth
By Yovan Kumar (Stonybrook, ’15)

Steve Jarmus (USC, ‘74)
For his incredible dedication to the Mu Theta Chapter
By James J. Hausberg (USC, ‘78)

Amy Katch
By Dana Beth Weisman

Ronald S. Katch (Illinois, ’51)
By Aaron M. Girson (Western Michigan, ’92)

Jeffrey C. Katkowsky (Michigan State, ‘89)
By Glenn A. Saltman (Michigan State, ‘89)

Isaac Kohn Claar (Wisconsin, ‘19) & Jonathan R. Lustig (Indiana, ‘12)
By Robert A. Kohn (Louisville, ‘58)

Harvey Lash (Wayne State, ‘59) & Myles Lash (Wayne State, ‘65)
By Steven M. Lash (Wayne State, ‘62)

Lee Manders (Miami OH, ’72)
By Geoff M. Cohen (Miami OH, ’73)
By Alan B. Levy (Miami OH, ‘72)

Hanno Mott (Cincinnati, ’52)
By Aaron M. Girson (Western Michigan, ’92)

By Daniel A. Grossberg (Miami OH, ’84)

Burt Newman
By Rick Halpern (Missouri, ‘65)

Bob Weiss (Oklahoma, ’75)
By Daniel A. Grossberg (Miami OH, ’84)

Andy Weisman (Sigma Zeta, ’18)
For His 20th Birthday
By Amy Katch