In-Person Events & COVID Protocols


  • Your chapter is hosting an in-person event! These are some helpful questions to think about as you plan.
    • Are in-person events allowed?
    • What are the Fraternity, University, State and Federal guidelines/policies regarding in-person events/Covid Protocols?
    • How many people can attend the event?
    • Do individuals have to show proof of vaccination?
    • Are masks required to be worn?
    • Are there additional cleaning requirements?
  • If you don’t know the answers to these questions, reach out to your chapter advisor, chapter coach, or a staff member from your university.


  • Some things to consider when planning a in person event during COVID-19 is by first asking yourself & your planning committee are our current policies in line with current CDC and University policies? By ensuring your policies are in line with the CDC and University you lessen the risk for outbreak.
  • Some questions to ask in relation to your chapter’s COVID protocols are:
    • Are you tracking vaccinations of members & guests?
    • If members aren’t vaccinated, are they required to get tested, if so how often?
    • What is the chapter’s protocol if someone gets COVID? In-house vs out of the house
    • Are you requiring masks in common areas?
    • Is social distancing required and what is the max amount of individuals allowed in a space?
    • What are your additional cleaning protocols?

Resources for in-person and COVID safety protocols

*Please note, when you see purple bold text, click to see the provided PDF or linked resource.