Conduct Board Training

An overview of the International Code of Conduct is available for you to review. The Code of Conduct utilizes the following source materials:

  • Initiation Oath
  • Candidate oath 
  • Creed
  • Blue Book
  • SAM International Policies

Important Terms and Concepts to Understand:

  • Code of Conduct: The international expectations of all members of Sigma Alpha Mu. This Code applies to candidates, undergraduate initiates, and alumni.
  • Conduct Board: The chapter’s local board that oversees the Conduct Process. Typically comprised of 3-5 members, depending on the chapter size.
  • Due Process: The chapter will treat members in a manner that is careful and not arbitrary, that members be given a reasonable opportunity to present their version of events or explanation, and that the chapter will follow its own established rules and definitions. 
  • Preponderance of Evidence: This is NOT a court of law. Members serving on the Conduct Board will determine if the alleged violation is more than likely than not to have occurred. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is NOT required.
  • Restorative Justice: A way for an individual to take responsibility for any harm they may have caused to another individual, the chapter, or the community. This process allows for all parties affected to process how the harm can be restored for the individuals involved. It’s designed to focus on the behavior of the individual and not be simply punitive.