Crisis Management Plan & Media Protocols

In the case of an emergency, the following steps are to be taken. The Crisis Management Plan is downloadable, so you can review with the chapter at beginning of each semester/term.

  • The Prior is in command of any emergency situation. In the absence of the Prior, the Vice Prior is in charge, followed by the other chapter officers in order of precedence.
  • If needed, immediately call the emergency number(s), usually 9-1-1, so appropriate emergency personnel (police, fire, and/or ambulance) can respond.
  • Restrict access to the chapter house immediately. Permit only resident members, Council officers, and appropriate officials to enter.
  • Assign responsible member(s) to guard the door.
  • Do not tamper with, and do not allow anyone to tamper with, any part of the area involved in the incident, specifically that which might be construed as evidence.
  • Call your Headquarters Chapter Coach. 
  • Call your Chapter Advisor and then contact appropriate campus officials as discussed.
  • Assemble your members in a group (in case of fire, assemble outside, in front near the street). Remind members that only the Prior or Advisor can speak for the fraternity – members are not to speak to anyone about the incident, except when cooperating with emergency authorities.
  • Fully cooperate with appropriate authorities.
  • Do not discuss details, speculate on events, or otherwise elaborate on the situation. 
  • Often, litigation follows a crisis. Statements made now could later be used in court.
  • Clothing with the fraternity’s name should not be worn during the investigation period.
  • Submit the “Chapter Incident Report Form” on MySAM portal within 24 hours of the incident if bodily injury or property damage occurred


There might be instances where media is involved. Please review the MEDIA PROTOCOLS with your chapter so everyone is aware of proper media protocol. Reminder: Prior is the only member who can speak on behalf of the Chapter.