The Value of Alumni Involvement

Written by Joseph Weinholtz (Stony Brook, ’91), Tri-State Alumni Club

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When you went to college and pledged, your fellow fratres told you this was a lifetime commitment beyond the 4-year college experience. So now, as an alumnus of Sigma Alpha Mu, what does it mean for you? For many, you have fond memories and developed great friendships but you are lacking recent experience over the last decade. We are here to tell you that if that is the way that you feel, you are missing out. Being a Sammy alumnus is one of the most important and possibly most untapped affiliations in your life. 

You likely have a LinkedIn profile. Are you looking for a job, business development, or building your personal brand? Similarly, many of you are on Facebook, looking to reconnect with old friends, or to share your current life experiences with others.  There are over 70,000 current Sammy Alumni across the US, and over 15,000 in the NY/NJ/CT Tri State area alone.  For most, that is significantly greater than any business or social network you have or will have.  

Most importantly, what you share with these 70,000 other fratres do not compare. We created the Sigma Alpha Mu Tri State Alumni Club with the mission of promoting and providing a Spirit of Fraternity, Mutual Moral Aid and Support to mutually build and strengthen our networks and friendships beyond the college experience. 

Our goal is to foster and maintain these networks and friendships to the advantage of all members by providing events, mentorship, and access to social and business opportunities. Our goal is to replicate this formula and to utilize these simple ideals in any region and nationally with the fratres of Sigma Alpha Mu.

While that all sounds great, what is the real value proposition?

I have seen first-hand how welcoming Sammy’s are to each other, strangers that share the bond of brotherhood forging new and deep relationships.  Creating new opportunities through Jobs and mentoring for brothers of all ages.  Brothers ages 20 and 85 and everyone in-between working together to facilitate deals and opportunities for mutual benefit. The networking opportunities have serious long-term benefits. 

Additionally, brothers become trusted advisors not only to other brothers but in many cases for their clients. Brothers provide important information when needed, and access to their networks, camaraderie, and support. Being there to celebrate the highs, and to help when the chips are down. Coming together for a collective good, while also helping others in need. Putting to practice and delivering on the promise of the fraternal bond.

So, re-engage and take advantage of the opportunity that you have to reap the benefits as an alumnus of Sigma Alpha Mu. 

Take the 12-minute alumni survey at and share with us information that will shape our alumni engagement moving forward.

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